About the Fellowship

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship is a program designed to assist high-achieving students prepare for their future careers. We do this by providing research opportunities, providing research funding, hosting, promoting and attending events where students can both network and present their research. The goal of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies is to prepare students for their careers and give them necessary skills and experience to become competitive within their discipline.

On average, there are 100 Undergraduate Research Fellows on Utah State’s campus. We accept no more than 30 new research fellows each year. Each fellow is given a faculty mentor upon entering the program. 63.5% of Utah State University’s faculty have mentored a student in their research.

Undergraduate Research Fellows are engaged in all fields of study and all disciplines. Student-led research has been conducted on ecosystems, insects, genetic structures of cells, as well as teen socialization, religion, political parties, climate change, rape culture, etc. Whatever you want to study and pursue, there’s a place for you in undergraduate research.

What are Undergraduate Research Fellows?

A Fellowship is an association of students or academics designed to further facilitate knowledge and learning. At Utah State University, the Undergraduate Research Fellowship is an association designed to encourage students in their research pursuits and prepare them for further associations such as the Rhodes, Truman (public service), Goldwater (science), or Udall (environment).

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship is an association where each fellow is given a $1,000 annual stipend, renewable based on performance, and each fellow is given a faculty mentor.

What does an Undergraduate Research Fellow do?

Each field of study defines what it means to engage in “hands-on research.” In some departments, a student on Fellowship might have immediate immersion in a lab or studio, while, for other departments, the student might be asked to attend seminars, visit labs, meet with a faculty mentor—and get their foundation courses in the field finished successfully. Presentation opportunities exist in Student Showcase, Research on Capitol Hill, as well as national venues. For more details, check out Undergraduate Research webpage.

What is the award for an Undergraduate Research Fellow?

Students receiving Fellowships will receive $1,000 annually, renewable based upon performance. Submitting semester reports and maintaining a 3.5 GPA are essential.

How will Undergraduate Research Fellows be evaluated?

The faculty mentor is key in the evaluation process. Mentors and students should set clear goals and expectations for the fellowship and the student’s performance. Along with discussing expectations with your faculty mentor, each Fellow will also submit an assessment of his or her research experience for the semester to the associate vice president for research.

What happens if the Fellow does not meet the fellowship requirements?

It is possible that a Fellow may perform well as a researcher or scholar but not maintain the 3.5 GPA required to retain a scholarship. Fellows who lose their scholarships will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if the Fellowship is retained. Appeals may be submitted for scholarships and fellowships.

Is it possible for me to get a fellowship when I'm still exploring options?

Upon accepting the Fellowship, we ask students to commit to either a science or non-science based track. Once you have chosen your track, you are free to explore within that track for the first year of your undergraduate career. Though you may have chosen non-science, during your first year you are welcome, if not encouraged, to explore the arts, humanities, languages, philosophy, history, religion, social work, etc. before choosing a specific sector within the non-sciences to primarily focus your research.