Past URCO Winners

USU’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities Grant was established in 1975. This grant has funded hundreds of students through independent research over the years, with each year getting more and more competitive. Browse below to see past projects and URCO winners.

Year Semester Project Title Primary Author Department Mentor
2023 Fall Novel Method for Direct Identification of Magnetic Core Losses in Wireless Charging Pads for Electric Vehicles Jaron Bono Electrical and Computer Engineering Abhilash Kamineni
2023 Fall The Effects of Diesel Exhaust Particles on the Human Respiratory Tract Cells Morgan Christensen Biological Engineering Anhong Zhou
2023 Fall Exploring a Mechanistic Explanation for the Role of Copy Number Variants in Autism Ethan Dayley Biology Sara Freeman
2023 Fall Adolescent Parental, Peer, and Romantic Relationships as a Predictor of Romantic Identity Development Megan Gentry Human Development and Family Studies Kay Bradford
2023 Fall Fossil Plants from the Neslen Formation in Eastern Utah Whitney Greaves Geosciences Joshua Lively
2023 Fall Investigating the Relationship Between Protein Arginine Methyltransferase and 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase in the Methylation of Nucleosomes Mason Hovinga Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2023 Fall Investigating the geomorphic controls on the luminescence properties of quartz sand in a river system Jenna Mills Watershed Sciences Tammy Rittenour
2023 Fall Patterns of Nutrition Incentive Use by Consumers with Low-Incomes and Impact of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Sarah Moore Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Carrie Durward
2023 Fall Creating Sensory Poetry: An Accessible Exhibit and Workshop Basil Payne English Christine Cooper-Rompato
2023 Fall Cobalt Catalyzed Carbene Insertion to X-H Bonds with Diazo Compounds Ellie Phillips Chemistry and Biochemistry Gang Li
2023 Fall Evaluation of TMR Current Sensor Integrated Circuit for Use in High Power Applications Mark Reading Electrical and Computer Engineering Abhilash Kamineni
2023 Fall Cytomegalovirus Antioxidant Treatment Kade Robison Biological Engineering David Britt
2023 Fall Exploring the String Chamber Music of Pamela Harrison Julia Stowell Music Brad Ottesen
2023 Fall The relation between planning span and flexibility and choice of beginning and end state postures in a binary grasp-and-place task Brooke VanKampen and Landen Winder Kinesiology and Health Science Breanna Studenka
2023 Fall Communicating about Microaggressions at Utah State University Tia Zebe Communication Studies and Philosophy Nicole Allen
2023 Summer Replicating Predatory-Prey Behavior of Spiders in a Hexapod Robot Zachary Astle Biological Engineering Mario Harper
2023 Summer Paleopathology in a Columbian Mammoth from Central Utah B Shaun Bryner Kinesiology & Health Science Joshua Lively
2023 Summer Climate change effects on plant functional traits in the Arctic Cristina Chirvasa Wildland Resources Karen Beard
2023 Summer Survival and growth of wild Nightshade (Solanum spp.) species: biotic factors affecting their early-life performance AJ Hammond Anthropology Fabiane Mundim
2023 Summer Characterization of the Interactions between the N-terminus of ASH-Ski2 and RNase J Parker Hicks Chemistry and Biochemistry Sean Johnson
2023 Summer Phenological responses of two plant species to increasing temperatures and flooding in western Alaska Trevor Hoffman Wildland Resources Karen Beard
2023 Summer Genealogy: Creating a New Medium of Theatre Levi Hopkins Theatre Arts Amanda Dawson
2023 Summer Developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Methods to Recognize Animal Sightings from Trail Camera Images Rebekah Jardine Mathematics and Statistics Brennan Bean
2023 Summer Using Automatic Feedback as a Means to Improve Engineering Role Identity Spencer Johnson Engineering Education Marissa Tsugawa
2023 Summer Determining the Mechanism of an Essential DNA-Helicase in Type IV CRISPR Systems Alivia Jolley Chemistry and Biochemistry Ryan Jackson
2023 Summer Gender and Sexual Minority Social Work Education in Utah Ingrid MacMurray Social Work Jayme Walters
2023 Summer The effects of consuming foods from regenerative agriculture on inflammatory markers in humans: a randomized controlled trial Saul Nava Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Sciences Stephan van Vliet

2023 Summer Regional Alternatives to Commercial Ceramic Ingredients Jack Orgill Art & Design Dan Murphy
2023 Summer Trying to Make Hard Problems Easy Samuel Powell Mathematics and Statistics David Brown
2023 Summer International Perspectives on Managing Performance Anxiety Audry Ricks Music Cahill Smith
2023 Summer Investigating Mathematical Assessments Through the Lens of Educational Taxonomies Lily Roth Mathematics and Statistics Hannah Lewis
2023 Summer Collective Memorial After Mass Tragedy: an Investigation into the Artistic and Linguistic Response to Terrorism Ashleigh Sabin English Amber Caron
2023 Summer Wild nightshades (Solanum spp.): gateways or barriers for the infection of domestic crops by root-knot nematodes? Treydon Scott Biology Fabiane Mundim
2023 Summer Behind the Scenes Summer Camp Rachel Tillotson Theatre Arts Paul Mitri
2023 Summer Isolation of drought tolerant plant growth-promoting microbes from the Rhizosphere of Shepherdia × utahensis ‘Torrey’ a hybrid buffaloberry Ty Wilson Plants, Soils & Climate Amita Kaundal
2023 Spring Using Wide Bandgap Devices to Create a Power Inverter with High Efficiency and Power Density Luke Andersen Electrical & Computer Engineering Abhilash Kamineni
2023 Spring The Influence of Beaver Ponds in the Foraging Behavior of Myotis spp. in Northern Utah Stephen Bunnell Wildland Resources Eric LaMalfa
2023 Spring Improving Life Cycle Maintenance and Durability of Pervious Concrete Pavements Kate Christiansen Civil & Environmental Engineering Andrew Sorensen
2023 Spring Optimizing Cytomegalovirus Treatment with Quercetin and Poloxamer 188 in Stria Vascularis Cells Alisa Dabb Biological Engineering David Britt
2023 Spring Applying the Extended Parallel Process Model (EPPM) to Climate Change Communication Mikenna DeBruin Wildland Resources Tim Curran
2023 Spring Validating a computational stochastic model of retinal angiogenesis with experimental data Cassandra DuBose Biological Engineering Elizabeth Vargis
2023 Spring A Comparison of Wolf Home Range Estimates Between Two Populations Using GPS Radio Collar Data James Dye Wildland Resources Mark Chynoweth
2023 Spring A phenomenological inquiry of the applicability of Neurologic Music Therapy training for a student music therapist Katie Fairbourn Music Allison Fox
2023 Spring Identifying the Frequency of PRMT1-Mediated Methylation in Secondary Strucutute Using Computer Programming Emeline Haroldsen Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2023 Spring Debunking Psychological Misconceptions Emma Hind Psychology Crissa Draper
2023 Spring Family Communication About COVID-19: Investigating Health Beliefs of Underrepresented Families from Mothers' Perspectives Isabel Juliana Communication Studies Sydney O'Shay
2023 Spring How Aspen Trees Affect Fire Behavior Emily Lane Wildland Resources Larissa Yocom
2023 Spring Semiochemical Discovery for Improved Management of a Belowground Forage Pest Kristin Leutgeb Biology Robert Schaeffer
2023 Spring Music and Emotion Kimberly Lewin Music Anne Francis Bayless
2023 Spring Investigation of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase Target Recognition Through Ribonucleoprotein C-terminus Chimeras Bella Lonardo Chemistry and Biochemistry Joanie Hevel
2023 Spring Contemporary Sustainable Architecture Sara Miner Communication Studies Marissa Vigneault
2023 Spring Designing an Exs-el device focused on user's independence and social interactions Dan O'Crowley Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Jackson Graham
2023 Spring Perceptions of Parental Acceptance and Contingencies of Self-Worth Regarding Family Predict Adolescent Peer Relations Jacqueline Porras Johnson Human Development & Family Studies Diana Meter
2023 Spring NET Presence and Characterization in Naked Mole Rats Thomas Smith Biology Zhongde Wang
2023 Spring Investigation of lignin and suberin deposition in the endodermis root of Linanthus parryae white and blue morphs Keelee Storrud Chemistry and Biochemistry Monica Borghi
2023 Spring Designing and Optimizing High-Frequency Passive Transformers for Applications in Renewable Energy Sources Mikayla Tobler Electrical & Computer Engineering Abhilash Kamineni
2023 Spring Functional traits, climate change, and the future of the cheatgrass invasion Hana Walker Wildland Resources Peter Adler
2023 Spring Using Trace Element Geochemical Zonation to Identify Inflation Mechanisms in a Submarine Basalt Flow, Walvis Ridge Hotspot, Atlantic Ocean. Drew White Geosciences Katherine Potter
2023 Spring Attachment, Emotional Experiencing, and Physiological Response during Couple Interaction Kyla White Iverson Human Development & Family Studies Ryan Seedall
2022 Fall Investigating the RRM as a Possible PRMT1 Recognition Motif Zaharah Rossi Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2022 Fall Examining Interactions Between GDNF and Estrogen in Response to Stress and Depression Sophie Mouritsen Chemistry and Biochemistry Mona Buhusi
2022 Fall Recombinant production of Novel Bee Silk Protein Jackson Morley Chemistry and Biochemistry Justin Jones
2022 Fall Neurotrophic factors, stress and depression Adam Merrill Psychology Mona Buhusi
2022 Fall Evaluating the Potential of Wastewater Produced Algae Oil as a Palm Oil Replacement in Soap Production Abiela Meek Biological Engineering Ronald Sims
2022 Fall Igneous petrology of lava flows in the Peruvian Altiplano Jacob Ladner Geosciences Dennis Newell
2022 Fall Fast Computation of Friction Stir Welding Process with Model Order Reduction and Machine Learning Joshua Kay Mathematics and Statistics Zilong  Song
2022 Fall Reducing Impulsive Choice in Female Rats Joshua Jones Psychology Gregory Madden
2022 Fall Characterization of Functionally Graded Regolith-Metal Powder Mixtures for Additive Manufacturing in Space Ian Jones Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Nadia Kouraytem
2022 Fall Theory Elective for Analysis of Choral Music Meghan Hatfield Music Tim Chenette
2022 Fall Plastic photochemistry: Determining how size and weathering impact phototransformation rates Anna Fabiszak Chemistry and Biochemistry Kyle Moor
2022 Fall Quantifying Interactions between Endogenous Opioid and Endocannabinoid Systems in Female vs Male C57/BL6 mice Christen Ellis Biology Erin Bobeck
2022 Fall Conducting Lifetime Predictions for Silicon Carbide MOSFETs in Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Conner Deppe Electrical & Computer Engineering Honjie Wang
2022 Fall Does an audiologist’s person-centered discourse during a hearing aid orientation effect the patient’s processing fluency? Theressa Crawford Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Brittan Barker
2022 Fall Developing carbon monoxide releasing gallium flavonolato complexes Joel Ashton Chemistry and Biochemistry Lisa Berreau
2022 Summer Impacts of and Implications for Culverts in Post-Wildfire Watersheds Christian Stewart Watershed Sciences Patrick Belmont
2022 Summer Measuring Irregularity via Approximate Entropy: How Does Perceived Human Instability Affect One’s Own Stability? Madilyn Braunersrither Mathematics and Statistics Juergen
2022 Summer Reconstitution of the S. cerevisiae RNA Exosome Markell Pond Chemistry and Biochemistry Sean Johnson
2022 Summer USU Guild for Community Arts Megan Wilson Art & Design Laura Gelfand
2022 Summer Thermal Analysis, Testing, and Modeling of Power Electronic Systems Conner Sabin  Electrical & Computer Engineering Abhilash Kamineni
2022 Summer Facilitative Parasitization of Halyomorpha halys (Stål) Between Native and Invasive Species of Trissolcus. Zachary Ross Biology Diane Alston
2022 Summer Investigating the role of mitochondria in beef color stability Adam Roberts Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Sciences Sulaiman Matarneh
2022 Summer Analyzing the Effects of American Versus British Theatrical Education Ashlynn Rober Theatre Arts Leslie Brott
2022 Summer Exploring the function and contribution of a potential autotransporter to the pathogenesis of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) Bethany Popp Animal, Dairy, & Veterinary Sciences Shawn Zimmerman
2022 Summer Constructing a SERS-based Lateral Flow Assay for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibody IgG Trent Peterson Bioloical Engineering Anhong Zhou
2022 Summer Developing a Life-like Robotic Prosthetic Arm Madison Patch Biology Mario Harper
2022 Summer Expression, Purification, and Characterization of a Chimeric PRMT1--A Potential Tool to Study Molecular Recognition and Epigenetic Control by PRMT1 Sarah Nielson Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2022 Summer The Last Five Years: An Innovative Theatre project Bailee Miner Theatre Arts Paul Mitri
2022 Summer Investigating Cultural and Chemical Management Options for Fusarium Bulb Rot in Onions Timothy Miller Theatre Arts Claudia Nischwitz
2022 Summer The Effect of Contaminants on Surface Flashovers and Electrostatic Breakdown Testing Megan Loveland Dewaal Physics JR Dennison
2022 Summer The Impact of Docosahexaenoic Acid and the Total Western Diet on the Gut Microbiota Marcus Hayden Chemistry and Biochemistry Abby Benninghoff
2022 Summer The water to land transition: Changes in frog skin across development Kayla Hancey Wildland Resources Molly Womack
2022 Summer Factors that Enhance the Executive Director-Board Relationship in Nonprofits Jaxon Didericksen Social Work Jayme Walters
2022 Summer Studying OXTR mRNA Expression as it Relates to OXTR Binding Density and Autism Spectrum Disorder Ethan Dayley Biology  Sara Freeman
2022 Summer Characterization of Comammox and other Nitrifying Bacteria from Utah Agricultural Soil John Cimmarusti Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Jeanette Norton
2022 Summer Masculine Women, Feminine Men, and Androgyny: Gender Expression in Ancient Rome Samuel Cash Art & Design Alvaro Ibarra
2022 Spring Effect of Maillard Reaction Products on the Microbiome Curtis White Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Sciences Robert Ward
2022 Spring Modeling Attenuated Allee Effect with Applications of the Reemergence of COVID-19 Dana Strong Mathematics and Statistics Luis Gordillo
2022 Spring Effect of Partner Loss on Oxytocin Receptor Measures in the Social Brain of Monogamous Coyotes Blake Nielson Biology Sara Freeman
2022 Spring Memento Mori Hailey Larson Art & Design Jared Ragland
2022 Spring Strawberry High tunnel Effects on Soil Nitrogen Mark Kindred Plants, Soils & Climate Jennifer Reeve
2022 Spring Ceramic Petrographic Analysis of the Intermountain Wares of early Shoshone people Chloe Geddes Geosciences Judson Finley
2022 Spring Using Stanislavski's Active Analysis in a Rehearsal Space Alisha Grant Theatre Arts Michael Shipley
2022 Spring Vascular Supply in the Highly Enlarged Adrenals of Bufophagous Snakes Gabriella Cale Biology Alan Savitzky
2022 Spring Patients‚ Perceptions of Stigma During Emergency Department Visits: Measuring Impacts on Healthcare Satisfaction, Treatment Adherence, and Mental Health Jace Griffeth Communication Studies Sydney Wallace
2022 Spring Designing and manufacturing a low cost Prosthetic Hand; Creating a hands-on experience to motivate students from low-income school districts to attend college Canyon Bryson Computer Science Ryan Jackson
2022 Spring Effectiveness of Cannabinoids and Antioxidants Against Diesel Exhaust Particle-Induced Cytotoxicity using Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Emily Brothersen Biological Engineering Anhong Zhou
2022 Spring Molecular Verification of Chemically Induced Apomictic (Unreduced) Gametophyte Formation in Immature Maize Cobs Marianne Maughan Biology John Carman
2022 Spring Highly Insulating Granular Samples for Electron Yield Analysis: Preparation and Characterization Heather Allen Physics JR Dennison
2021 Fall Detecting Onion Pathogenic Gut Bacteria in Utah Thrips  Rebekah  Woodbury Biology Department Claudia Nischwitz
2021 Fall Mimicking the Mechanical Properties of in vivo Bruch’s Membrane to Study Vision Loss Dillon Weatherston Biological Engineering Department Elizabeth Vargis
2021 Fall Living in "Killer Corsets:" The Body's Response to Victorian Corsetry Rachel  Walker History Department Angela  Diaz
2021 Fall The Effects of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries on Global Motor Control Deficit Measured by Motor Inhibition Keaton Reel Biology Department Breanna Studenka
2021 Fall COVID-19 Oral Histories Carter Ottley Journalism and Communication Department Candi Carter Olson
2021 Fall Determining if Position 312 in PRMT1 Can be Used for Fluorescent Labeling Studies  Sarah Nielson Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Joan Hevel
2021 Fall Equine Performance Evaluation Monitor: Reducing Injuries and Unethical Wastage in Equestrian Sports Erika Mueller Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Don Cripps
2021 Fall Soil Microbe Identification: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Microbiology Labs Autumn Kelsch (Richards) Biology Department Jessica Habashi
2021 Fall A Qualitative Study of Spatial Strategies in Blind and Low Vision Individuals Daniel Kane Engineering Education Department Wade Goodridge
2021 Fall DeepAugment: Autonomous Generation and Annotation of Weed Detection and Classification Andrew Jouffray Computer Science Department Rakesh Kaundal
2021 Fall Expressing and Purifying Virally Encoded Proteins that Block Type IV-A CRISPR Immune Systems Bryce Ferguson Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Ryan Jackson
2021 Fall Structural and Biophysical Kinetic Characterization of YscN Porter Ellis Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Nick Dickenson
2021 Fall Decreasing Anger Race Bias through Emotional Identification Training Marisa Davis Psychology Department Crissa Levin
2021 Fall Invisible: A Museum Theatre Performance Megan Codling Theatre Arts Department Matt Omasta
2021 Fall Light requirements for germination of native Intermountain West wetland species in competition with Phragmites australis Sage Chatterton Wildland Resources Department Karin Kettenring
2021 Spring Effects of log spatial arrangement on conifer seedling abundance and survival in an old-growth Pseudotsuga-Tsuga forest Isabella Wetzler Wildland Resources James Lutz
2021 Spring The effect of video narratives on creating realistic expectations of hearing aids in adults. Katherine Van Wagoner Communication Disorders and Deaf Education Brittan Barker
2021 Spring Quantification of Surface Roughness Effects on Electron Yield Trace Taylor Physics JR Dennison
2021 Spring Identification and Isolation of Antimicrobial Components of Artemisia tridentata David Suisse Plants, Soils, and Climate Amita Kaundal
2021 Spring Developing a Method to Assess Response Inhibition During a Balance Recovery Step Molley Rowley Kinesiology and Health Science David Bolton
2021 Spring The Δρόμος at the Battle Of Marathon: Testing the Plausibility of the Charge Daniel Porter History Fran Titchener
2021 Spring Attitudes Towards Queer Sexual Orientation and Cognitive Dissonance in LDS Young Adults Abby Palfreyman Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology Jessical Ulrich-Schad
2021 Spring Climate Change Effects on Atmospheric Ammonia in Cache Valley and Implications for Human Health Casey Olson Plants, Soils, and Climate Simon Wang
2021 Spring Cytokine Indicators of Inflammation in Mice fed a Western Type Diet  Emily Mortenson Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Abby Benninghoff
2021 Spring Discerning the Efficacy of Potential Non-Opioid Pain Drugs Using cAMP Analysis  Matthew Mattoon Biology Erin Bobeck
2021 Spring Determining Rate of Transfer of Chlorpyrifos Between Alfalfa Leaves and Alfalfa Leaf Cutting Bee Provisions Calvin Luu Chemistry and Biochemistry Kimberly Hageman
2021 Spring Public Opinion of UAS integration Katelynn Hall Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Brent Chamberlain
2021 Spring Using Weight Classes as a Variable to Measure Onion Seed Viability Crystal Fowler Biological Engineering Dan Drost
2021 Spring Quantifying Baseline and Chronic Stress Hormone Levels in Dusky Grouse  Dominique Davis Wildland Resources David Dahlgren
2021 Spring Scale Factors for Ultra-High Performance Concrete Testing  Maren Chadwick Civil and Environmental Engineering Andrew Sorenson
2021 Spring Mormonism and Arguments for the Existence of God Michael Cevering Religious Studies Patrick Mason
2021 Spring Revegetation of Native Plant Communities in Great Salt Lake Wetlands Laura Beck Watershed Sciences Karin Kettenring
2021 Spring Learning Heuristics to Improve AI Algorithms: A Machine Learning Approach Carter Bailey Computer Science Mario Harper
2021 Summer A Relationship of Great Influence: The Importance of Parent-Child Relationships for LGBTQ+ Latter-day Saints Emalee Willis Psychology Tyler Lefevor
2021 Summer Developing Human-Covid Protein-Protein Interactions Atlas for recently emerged SARS-CoV-2 strains: a step towards pan-viral vaccine development  Kolton Hauck Biological Engineering Rakesh Kaundal
202 Summer Determining the Function of the CRISPR Type IV-B System Kailey Welch and Oliva Gornichec Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Ryan Jackson
2021 Summer Isolation and Identification of Halotolerant Endophytes in Ceanothus velutinus and may lead to plant health in saline conditions. Katherine Webb Plants, Soils, and Climate Amita Kaundal
2021 Summer Identifying and Sequencing the Oxytocin and Vasopressin Receptors Genes in the Coyote (Canis Latrans)  Matthew Webb Biology Sara Freeman
2021 Summer Biophysical characterization of the mechanisms of C. elegans PRMT1 temperature-dependence Arianna Towne Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2021 Summer Love Across the Ages: A Reminiscence Theatre Project Rhiannon Tarver and McKenna Finley Theatre Arts Matt Omasta
2021 Summer Using hagfish proteins to simulate Bruch’s membrane in the subretinal tissue Emilee Rickabaugh Biological Engineering Elizabeth Vargis
2021 Summer Invasive Plants as Glaze Materials Zachary Nickman Arts and Design Dan Murphy
2021 Summer Determination of Free Fatty Acid and Triglyceride Fatty Acid of Food Fats using a Rapid Gas Chromatographic Methoda Aubreyona Migliori Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Robert Ward
2021 Summer Contemporary Programming and Perceptions of Female Composers by Major Classical Music Organizations in Salt Lake City Courtney Fairbourn Music Timothy Chenette
2021 Summer The Effect of Fire History and Severity on Black Bear Habitat Selection Emily Lowrimore Wildland Resources Tal Avgar and Larissa Yocom
2021 Summer Stealth Aware Motion Planning for Quadrupedal Robots Ryan Zaugg Electrical and Computer Engineering Mario Harper
2021 Summer Post-Wildfire Large Woody Debris  Recruitment in Utah Watersheds Poe Raidon Watershed Sciences Patrick Belmont
2021 Summer Systemic Budget Restrictions in School Music Programsa Logan Kelley Music Craig Jessop
2021 Summer Microaggressions Experienced by Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Adolescents in Familial and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint (CJCLDS) Contexts Jane Bell Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology Tyler Lefevor
2021 Summer Marin of Error: Navigating Higher Education as a Bi/Multicultural Student Aubrey Felty Theatre Arts Department Matt Omasta
2020 Fall Quantification of Surface Roughness Effects on Material Reflectivity Benjamin Bradshaw Physics JR Dennison
2020 Fall Hardware Verification of Lunar Terrain Relative Navigation (TRN) Sam Christensen Electrical and Computer Engineering Randall Christensen
2020 Fall Using Emotion Recognition in Development of a Mobile Application for Children Sally Devitry-Smith Computer Science John Edwards
2020 Fall Detecting Outliers in Snow Measurements Using Machine Learning Techniques Scout Jarman Mathematics and Statistics Brennan Bean
2020 Fall Effects of Offshore Wind Farms on Mixing in a Stably Stratified Environment Holland Kartchner Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Som Dutta
2020 Fall Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies of Flavonol Esters as CO Releasing Molecules Alexander Lake Chemistry and Biochemistry Lisa Berreau
2020 Fall Mobile Device Use's Impact on Handrail Grasp and Fall Avoidance Strategies Christopher Long Kinesiology and Health Science Chris Dakin
2020 Fall Discovering Virally Encoded Proteins that Block Type IV CRISPR Immune Systems Alex Lyons Chemistry and Biochemistry Ryan Jackson
2020 Fall The Role of Methyl Nutrients in the Gut Microbiome Changes During Pregnancy and Early Development of Offspring Ulrik Mjaaseth Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Clara Cho
2020 Fall Substrate Purity and its Effect on PRMT1 Activity Tate Shepherd Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2020 Fall Variation in Tannin Concentration Due to the Grafting of Tannin Producing and Non-Tanning Producing Plants Max Swain Chemistry and Biochemistry Jennifer MacAdam
2020 Fall Investigating Links Between Perception of Environmental Risk and Well-being of Utahns Rachel Sagers Biology Courntey Flint
2020 Fall Can You Social Distance in a Crowded National Park? Madison Vega Environment and Society Zachary Miller
2020 Fall Investigating the Direct Effect of Phosphorylation on the Oligomeric State and Activity of PRMT1 Emily Wilson Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2020 Summer Novel Geostatistical Methods for Soil Moisture Prediction in Utah Ethan Ancell Mathematics and Statistics Brennan Bean
2020 Summer Light and Space: The Intersection of Art and Architecture Rachel Hancey Art and Design Kathy Puzey
2020 Summer Vegetation Green Up: Ground Truthing NDVI Data Using Wildlife Cameras Steven Handtke Wildland Resources Tal Avgar
2020 Summer Universal Design: Where Design and Utility Meet Tyler Homer Art and Design Raymond Veon
2020 Summer The Relationship Between Reinforced Variability and Psychological Flexibility in People with Depression Hannah Johnson Psychology Amy Odum
2020 Summer Analytical Data-driven Models to Predict Algae Biofilm Growth in Wastewater Treatment Gerald Jones Mathematics and Statistics Jia Zhou
2020 Summer Normalization of Genderless Pronouns Ryker Marble Art and Design Robert Winward
2020 Summer Prey eDNA Residence Time in Predator Saliva Amanda Mast Wildland Resources Karen Mock
2020 Summer Investigating the Primary Production of Bear Lake's Filamentous Algal Blooms Page Maycee Watershed Resources Soren Brothers
2020 Summer Field Based Real Time Sequencing of Microbial Samples via Nanopore Technology Riddle Clark Biological Engineering Charles Miller
2020 Summer Solving the Structure of Octahedral VP1 Protein via Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy Image Algorithms Robertson Miles Biology Ryan Jackson
2020 Summer Investigating Links Between Perception of Environmental Risk and Well-being of Utahns Rachel Sagers Biology Courtney Flint
2020 Summer Psychological Misconceptions and the Dunning-Kruger Effect Among Undergradaute Students Janice Snow Psychology Crissa Levin
2020 Summer Investigating the Impact of the Primary Amino Acid Sequence of C. elegans PRMT1 on Enzyme Activity and Thermostability Arianna Towne Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2020 Spring Impaired Glucose Metabolism in Niacin Deficient Transgenic Mice Sierra Allen Wildland Resources Michelle Meyer-Ficca
2020 Spring Establishing and Maintaining a FFA Alumni in Utah: Identifying Challenges and Successes Jocelyn Bandley School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education Tyson Sorenson
2020 Spring Do Aspen Stands Reduce Fire Severity and Stop Fire Spread? Elyse Doty Wildland Resources Larissa Yocom
2020 Spring Understanding the Role of Small Non-Coding RNA in Bumble Bee Social Behavior Anna Figgins Biology Karen Kapheim
2020 Spring Identification and Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions Between the Shigella T3SS ATPase Spa47 and its Predicted Regulators MxiN and Spa33 Saul Gonzalez Chemistry and Biochemistry Nicholas Dickenson
2020 Spring Impact of Student Race/Ethnicity and Sex on ASD Identification in Schools Jennifer Ha Psychology Maryellen McClain Verdoes
2020 Spring Impermanence Rachel Hancey Art and Design Amanda Lee
2020 Spring Transforming a Quantitative Protein Arginine Methyltransferase (PRMT) Assay into a High-Throughput Assay Abigail Jones Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2020 Spring Talking to Clouds Gary Kemp Theatre Arts Shawn Fisher
2020 Spring Using Lichens as Bioindicators of Pollutant Concentrations at Cache County Elementary Schools Angelia Klein Wildland Resources Janice Brahney
2020 Spring Developing a Microgrid Power Management System for Power Resilience and Cost Reduction at Utah State University Jackson Morgan Electrical and Computer Engineering Regan Zane
2020 Spring Judicial Ambition Logan Loftis Political Science Greg Goelzhauser
2020 Spring Equine-Human Interaction with Military Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Makenna Osborne Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences Karl Hoopes
2020 Spring Use of a Portable Handheld X-Ray Fluorescense Unit (pXRF) to Measure Alteration in Fault Zones: Implications for Hydrologic Rock Properties and Injection Induced Seismicity Anna Paulding Geosciences Kelly Bradbury
2020 Spring Phenology and Climate Change in the TW Daniel Experimental Forest Elise Riley Wildland Resources Kari Veblen
2020 Spring Using Dendroclimatology to Study a Disjunct Population of Pinus Ponderosa in Northern Utah Michael Stapleton Wildland Resources Justin DeRose
2020 Spring Designing for Mitigation Solutions on the Great Salt Lake Holley Stringham Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Jake Powell
2020 Spring Human Appropriation of Net Primary Productivity Lauren Tango Environment and Society Christopher Lant
2020 Spring The Intersectional Consumer Experience Alexandra Tebbs Marketing and Strategy Sterling Bone
2020 Spring The Printed Document Kylee Turner Art David Wall
2020 Spring Estimating Snow Water Equivalence Using Accessible Climate Variables Jesse Wheeler Mathematics Brennan Bean
2020 Spring USU Community Knowledge and Perceptions of Free-roaming Equids and Their Management Hollee Wood Wildland Resources Terry Messmer
2019 Fall Determining Potential Abuse Liability of a Novel Pain Therapy Nick Beus Biological Erin Bobeck
2019 Fall Mirror Symmetry for Two-Parameter Kummer Surfaces Noah Braeger Mathematics & Statistics Andreas Malmendier
2019 Fall Quantifying Permeability of pRPE Cells on Spider Silk Membrane as a Model of Bruch's Membrane Tessa Burrows Biological Elizabeth Vargis
2019 Fall Evaluating the Effects of Differential Outcomes on Impulsive Choice in Rats Sari Christensen Psychology Gred Madden
2019 Fall Evaluating the Use of Drones for Yield Estimates, Disease Detection, and Other Problems in Agriculture Tyson Compton Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Claudia Nischwitz
2019 Fall Fault Core Analysis of the Seismic-Aseismic Transition Zone in the San Gabriel Fault, California Kaitlyn Crouch Geology James Evans
2019 Fall Monitoring the Spatial Ecology of Puma Concolor Along a Wildland-Urban Gradient in Cache Valley, Utah Natalie D'Souza Wildland Resources Dan MacNaulty
2019 Fall Modeling Factors that Influence Algae Biofilm Growth Rates for Bioproducts Production Dylan Ellis Biological Ron Sims
2019 Fall Kinetic Analysis of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Point Mutants Kade Fish Biological Alvan Hengge
2019 Fall Identifying with Emotions: Why People Share "Fake News" Rachel Funk Political Science Laura Gamboa-Gutierrez
2019 Fall Modeling the Effects of Spaceflight on Skeletal Muscle Cells Using a Bioprinted Substrate Eryn Hanson Biological Elizabeth Vargis
2019 Fall Using Nano Carriers to Increase Drug Stability: Pluronic Encapsulated Quercetin Mitchell Heap Biological David Britt
2019 Fall The Effect of Estrogen and Arousal on Latent Inhibition Michael Herron Biology Mona Buhusi
2019 Fall What Lies Beneath Utah? Understanding the Origin and Nature of Precambrian Basement Rocks in Northern Utah Using U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopes in Zircons Skadi Kobe Geology Katherine Potter
2019 Fall Testing Effectiveness of Various Crimper Types on Alfalfa Drying Time and Forage Quality Jesse Mathews Plants, Soils & Climates Rhonda Miller
2019 Fall Using pH Sensing Molecules as a Selective Optical Detection Method for Fungal Infection Howard Montgomery Biology Tom Chang
2019 Fall Stevenson's Victorian Samoa Stephanie Pointer English Shane Graham
2019 Fall The Art of Seduction: College Male Perceptions of Sexual Willingness Lisa Starrett Psychology Kathryn Sperry
2019 Fall Unraveling the Role of Dietary Methionine Supply During End of Gestation on Placentome mTORC1 Signaling Pathway and Nutrient Transporters in Ewes Nora Streng Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences Fernanda Batistel
2019 Fall The Perception of Stakeholders on Impacts of Oil and Gas Industry in Ute Tribe Reservation Koralene Tapoof Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Mehmet Soyer
2019 Fall The Effects of Within-Session Alternative Response Extinction on Resurgence in Rats Sara Trickett Psychology Timothy Sahan
2019 Fall Investigating the Biocompatibility of Novel Recombinant Hagfish Thread Keratins as a Platform for Mammallian Cell Culture Calem Walker Biological Justin Jones
2019 Fall Chamber Opera - On the Art of Becoming Laurana Wheeler Roderer Music Christopher Scheer
2019 Summer Painting Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Study Communicating Costa Rica's Complex Ecosystems Marissa Devey Art & Design Robert Winward
2019 Summer Harmful Algal Blooms in Utah Lake: Photography Project and Exhibition Alexa Okerlund Art & Design Carsten Meier
2019 Summer Development of Non-invasive Spectroscopy Technology to Detect Changes in Fatty Acid Content Due to Disease and Diet Morgan Bishop Biological Elizabeth Vargis
2019 Summer Hearing Harmony Lexi Phillips Biology Timothy Chenette
2019 Summer The Astrolabe from a Scientific and Art Historical Perspective Olivia Brock Mathematics & Statistics Alexa Sand
2019 Summer Increasing optical absorption of carbon-nanotube forests by height modulation Christian Lange Physics T.C. Shen
2019 Summer "Belowground Drivers of Metabolite Allocation across Host Plant Tissues and Implications for Leaf and Fruit Defense" Cole Carlson Biology Noelle Beckman
2019 Summer Stress Sensitivity to Temperature in Plateau Side-blotched Lizards (Uta stansburiana uniformis): Forecasting Physiological Consequences of Climate Change Audrey Lidgard Biology Susannah French
2019 Summer Gene Knockout of Lactobacillus agilis Bailey Crowley Health, Physical Education & Recreation Dennis Welker
2019 Summer Uncovering the role of breed and dietary fat on nitrogen excretion in dairy cows Osvaldo Gonzalez Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences Batistel Fernanda
2019 Summer Purification and analysis of binding affinity of two PRMT1 substrates Abigail Jones Chemistry & Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2019 Summer Fluorescent kanamycin derivatives for facile strain identification of fungi Candida sp. Paul Roberts Chemistry & Biochemistry Tom Chang
2019 Summer Understanding the experience of adult cochlear implant users who were implanted in childhood Emma Brown Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Brittan Barker
2019 Summer Fabrication of graphene-based nanoelectromechanical switches for reconfigurable antenna applications Erika Mueller Electrical & Computer Bedri Cetiner
2019 Summer Paleoearthquakes?: Hematite Microtextures and (U-Th)/He Thermochronology of the Hurricane Fault, Southwestern Utah Madison Taylor Geology Alexis Ault
2019 Summer Medical Grade N2O/O2 Mixtures as Inexpensive and Volumetrically Efficient Oxidizers for Small Spacecraft Hybrid Propulsion Systems Joe Horlacher Mechanical & Aerospace Stephen Whitmore
2019 Summer Assessing Human Delay Discounting with a Novel Computer Game Task Haylee Downey Psychology Amy Odum
2019 Summer Role of Medial Prefrontal Cortex in Attention and Working Memory Madeleine Templeton Psychology Catalin Buhusi
2019 Summer Quantifying The Moderating Effect of CatchmentControls on Alpine Lake Chemistry:   A GIS-Based Approach Dylan Anderson Watershed Sciences Janice Brahney
2019 Summer Great Salt Lake native seed sowing densities for seedling emergence and competitive exclusion against Phragmites australis Bailey Holdaway Watershed Sciences Karin Kettenring
2019 Summer Using Community-Based Public Participatory GIS to Support Public Land Management Decisions and Use for Public Lands in and around the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments Helena Harper Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Mehmet Soyer
2019 Summer Investigating the Response of Plant Cells to Different Light Stimuli Matthew Hogan Physics Keith Mott
2019 Spring Monoaminergic Effects on Timing and Attention Braxton Beers Psychology Catalin Buhusi
2019 Spring Ozone-Forming Emissions in the Uintah Basin Makenzie Breitenbach Biology Seth Lyman
2019 Spring Quantifying channel change using aerial photo analysis along the Green River downstream of Flaming Gorge Dam Zach Burgert Watershed Sciences Jack Schmidt
2019 Spring Structural response of stream food webs to Didymosphenia geminata blooms: an isotopic mixing model approach Vanessa Bustamante Chemistry & Biochemistry Janice Brahney
2019 Spring The importance of intraspecific genetic diversity for functional traits of Schoenoplectus americanus in the context of wetland ecosystem restoration Rachel Chamberlain Wildland Resource Karin Kettenring
2019 Spring ELO and LEO Decompositions on n-Regular Polytope Matthew DeAngelo Mathematics & Statistics Thomas Brent
2019 Spring Medieval Narrative Art and Historical Painting Technique Katya Fullmer Art & Design Alexa Sand
2019 Spring Choice of End State Comfort Based on Time Spent at Beginning State and Precision Requirement of the End State Tucker Gamble Health, Physical Eduction & Recreation Breanna Studenka
2019 Spring The Influence of Ovarian Germ Cell Hormones on the Treatment for Parkinson's Like Tremors Steve Gawrys Biology Jeffrey Mason
2019 Spring Structural Characterization of the RNA Helicase, AtMtr4 Trevor Godfrey Chemistry & Biochemistry Sean Johnson
2019 Spring Optimal Maneuvers of Cluster Satellites in Proximity Operations Modeled by Clohessy Wiltshire Equations and GPOPS-II Michael Hansen Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Leonel Mazal
2019 Spring Determining Species Vulnerability to Fatal Window Collisions Using Vibration Sensors Chloe Harvell Wildland Resources Kimberly Sullivan
2019 Spring Low Molecular Weight, Metal-free Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecules Katelyn Heap Chemistry & Biochemistry Lisa Berreau
2019 Spring LGBTQA+ Experience Devising Original Theatre Jake Hogan Theatre Arts Matt Omasta
2019 Spring Autism in the Somali Population: Exploring the inter-relatedness of the Somali immigrant and refugee experience navigating Speech-Language Pathology resources Rebecca Houston Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Sonia Manuel-Dupont
2019 Spring Artifact Authentication Through Collaboration and Advanced Analysis Benjamin Johnson Sociology, Social Work, & Anthropology Molly Cannon
2019 Spring Estimating the abundance and distribution of slimy sculpin in an arctic lake using catch data and mark-recapture methods Justin Kilmer Watershed Sciences Paedra Budy
2019 Spring Newly discovered stratigraphic record of a Snowball Earth deglaciation (ca. 635 Ma), Carrington Island, Great Salt Lake, Utah Rachel Kubina Geology Carol Dehler
2019 Spring Exploring Theatre For the Very Young with Cache Valley Infants Alyssa Landroche Theatre Arts Matt Omasta
2019 Spring Modeling Damage Accumulation of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Repeated Impact Ryan Langford Civil & Environmental Engineering Andrew Sorensen
2019 Spring Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water Using Ceramic Water Filters, Continued Heather Nielsen Civil & Environmental Engineering David Stevens
2019 Spring BlocX: An Open Source Tool for Stem Education and Outreach Drew Porter Biological Engineering Charles Miller
2019 Spring Inducing apomeiosis and parthenogenesis (apomixis) in female-only plants of dioecious Antennaria plantaginifolia (Asteraceae) Bo Price Chemistry & Biochemistry John Carman
2019 Spring The Role of Social Media in the Transgender Experience Llewynn Roberts Sociology, Social Work, & Anthropology Mehmet Soyer
2019 Spring Phylogenetic and Functional Trait Analysis of Beetles to Predict Ecological Co-occurrences Jake Stachewicz Wildland Resources Will Pearse
2019 Spring Old Widow Russell: The Intersection of Age and Gender in Early Modern England Frankie Urritia-Smith History Susan Cogan
2019 Spring The Association Between Student Financial Well-Being and Life Management Skills at Utah State University Sierra Walters Family, Consumer & Human Development Alena Johnson
2019 Spring Parenting Classes for ACEs Prevention Melissa Wells Sociology, Social Work, & Anthropology Vonda Jump Norman and Mehment Soyer
2019 Spring Creating Empowered Space for Women through Feminism and Community Art Making Sierra Wise Art & Design Marissa Vigneault
2019 Spring Relational Trajectories of Ex-LDS Children and Their Active LDS Parents Jared Worwood Language, Philosophy & Communication Studies Kaitlin Phillips
2018 Summer Bird-Window Collision Database Project, Brigham City, UT Mikayla Austin Biology Jessica Habashi
2018 Summer Chemically-Induced Reversions between Asexual and Sexual Reproductive Strategies in Daphnia Alex Braeger Plants, Soils, & Climates John Carman
2018 Summer Assessing the implications of declining glacial cover on Didymo blooms Lindsay Capito Watershed Sciences Janice Brahney
2018 Summer Identifying methods to reduce potential pathogens in harvested duckweed biomass grown in municipal wastewaters Carolina Collins Civil & Environmental Engineering Ryan Dupont
2018 Summer Timing of Glyphosate Application to Increase Cattle Consumption of Medusahead Alexis Cooper Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences Juan Villalba
2018 Summer Copper Oxide Nanoparticle Solubility in the Presence of Wheat Root Exudates Jessica Cooper Civil & Environmental Engineering Joan McLean
2018 Summer Can calcium carbonate be used to determine ambient lake phosphorus concentrations? Mark Devey Watershed Sciences Janice Brahney
2018 Summer Episodic Deposition and Incision of the Logan Canyon, Third Dam Alluvial-fan Complex Michael Ferraro Geology Robert Oaks
2018 Summer Analyzing the Impact of Culture on Career Aspiration Rachel Gulbrandsen Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Christy Glass
2018 Summer Camera Surveys to Inventory and Monitor Wildlife in Cedar Breaks National Monument Ethan Hammer Wildland Resources Shandra Frey
2018 Summer Spatial Ability in High School Physics John Hansen Physics Wade Goodridge
2018 Summer Stories From Home Brenda Hawley Art & Design Marissa Vigneault
2018 Summer Sustainability in Scandinavia: A closer look at sustainable food practices in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden Shandrea Hickok Journalism & Communications Heidi Hart
2018 Summer High Tunnel Production of Annual Cut Flowers Maegen Lewis Plants, Soils, & Climates Larry Rupp
2018 Summer Computer Toolkit for Integrable Systems Phillip Linson Mathematics & Statistics Ian Anderson
2018 Summer Revealing a neural marker for response inhibition of rapid stepping reactions usuing electroencephalography Mahmoud Mansour Electrical and Computer Engineering David Bolton
2018 Summer Testing the Antiviral Activity of Fluorochemical Compounds Brennan McEwan Biology Craig Day
2018 Summer Modeling and Redesign of the Spider Silk Continuous Electrospinner Bailey McFarland Biological Engineering Randolph Lewis
2018 Summer Age Control for the Buck Tank Draw Mammoth Site, Big Water, Utah Evan Millsap Geology Tammy Rittenour
2018 Summer Fermentation of oligosaccharides in agave, green banana, black raspberries, pomegranate peel, and baobab fruit by NCFM and HN019 lactic-acid producting bacteria. Canyon Neal Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences Abby Benninghoff
2018 Summer Relaxation of Radiation Effects in Polymers Alexandra Nelson Physics JR Dennison
2018 Summer Effects of Acculturation on Stereotype Treat of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) Students Sofia Rodriguez Psychology Melanie Domenech Rodriquez
2018 Summer Heavy Metal Accumulation in Flora at the Great Salt Lake Sam Sedgwick Watershed Sciences Trisha Atwood
2018 Summer Developing Noiseless Flight Glen Wright Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Andreas Wesemann
2018 Spring Evaluating the intersection of race/ethnicity with reporter credibility Zachary Aedo Journalism & Communications Cathy Bullock
2018 Spring Is Redox Regulation of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 6 Cysteine Mediated Samuel Barker Chemistry and Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2018 Spring Determination of viral transporter from the bloodstream to the nervous system for Enterovirus D68 infection in mice Michael Bertolio Liberal Arts Bart Tarbet
2018 Spring Physics-Based Numerical Modeling of Lithospheric Deformation in the Western U.S. Jared Bryan Geology Tony Lowry
2018 Spring High Strain Rate Shear Behavior of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Peter Collins Civil and Environmental Engineering Andrew Sorensen
2018 Spring Linear Enamel Hypoplasia and its Relation to Socioeconomic Class in 19th- 20th C. United States Amanda Cook Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Patricia Lambert
2018 Spring Characterization of predicted interfacial salt bridges in Spa47 to better understand the mechanism of oligomer based Spa47 activation Hannah Demler Chemistry and Biochemistry Nicholas Dickenson
2018 Spring Characterizing temporal variation in the skin-associated microbiome of the salamander Ambystoma mavortium Kenen Goodwin Watershed Sciences Zachariah Gompert
2018 Spring Women's Rights as a Key to Climate Change Mitigation McKelle Hansen Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Jennifer Givens
2018 Spring Experimental and Numerical Study of Flow Transition Mechanisms in Hydraulic Jumps: Undular to Weak Jacob Israelsen Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Areti Kiara
2018 Spring Testing of microcontrollers Radiation Breakdown Point to Determine the Efficiency for Low Cost Satellite Use John Carlos Mojica Decena Physics JR Dennison
2018 Spring Neural Efficiency and Prefrontal Cortex Activity in Moral Reasoning Tests Tanner Nield Psychology Kerry Jordan
2018 Spring Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water Using Ceramic Water Filters Heather Nielsen Civil and Environmental Engineering David Stevens
2018 Spring Investigating the Growth of Primary Porcine RPE Cells on Recombinant Spider Silk Membranes Chase Paterson Biological Engineering Elizabeth Vargis
2018 Spring Structural Characterization of T3SS ATPases: InvC and YscN Joshua Reid Chemistry and Biochemistry Nicholas Dickenson
2018 Spring Advanced Mathematical Approaches for Modeling Animal Movement Through Landscapes Molly Robinson Mathematics and Statistics Thomas Edwards
2018 Spring Optimizing Encapsulation Methods and Release Platforms of Antiviral and Antioxidant Compounds Quercetin and D-Methionine using Pluronics F127 and P123 Shaylen Skidmore Fidel Biological Engineering David Britt
2018 Spring Examining Another Source of Recruitment: Non-SBAE Colten Smith School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education Tyson Sorensen
2018 Spring Affirmative Action Bans: Assessing Impacts in a Cross-State Context Jacklyn Sullivan Economics Briggs Depew
2018 Spring Mapping Spatial Patterns of Faulting and Subsidence in Moab, Utah Michael Turley Geology Joel Pederson
2018 Spring Shaping Architecture Tasha Urban Art and Design Susan Tibbitts
2018 Spring Analyzing Gender Types in Personal, Political Correspondence Frankie Urrutia-Smith History Susan Cogan
2018 Spring How do Beaver Dams Effect Water Quality? Maximilian von Zastrow Wildland Resources Janice Brahney
2018 Spring Effects of Forced Swim on GDNF-Deficient Mice Michael Woller Psychology Mona Buhusi
2018 Spring Anthropology of Art: a Cultural Understanding of Japanese Female Artists of the Edo Period Alexandria Ziegler Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Alexa Sand
2018 Fall The Social Justice in Everyday Priority Queues Megan Albrechtsen Marketing Michael Dixon
2018 Fall Monoaminergic Effects on Timing and Attention Braxton Beers Biology Catalin Buhusi
2018 Fall Building the Medieval Trebuchet: Experimental Construction of a Half-Scale Machine Daniel Bertrand History Susan Cogan
2018 Fall Isolation and Crystallization of a CRISPR associated Protein Christian Cahoon Chemistry & Biology Ryan Jackson
2018 Fall A Synthetic Model Approach for Elucidating the Metal-dependent Chemistry of Acireductone Dioxygenases Isaac Cloward Chemistry & Biology Lisa Berreau
2018 Fall A place for everyone: Assessing recreational opportunities for children in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the United States Emily Cook Family, Consumer & Human Development Travis Dorsch
2018 Fall Investigating the role of the π-helix in SipD to better understand its part in bile salt interactions in T3SS-encoding enteric pathogens Hannah Demler Chemistry & Biochemistry Nicholas Dickenson
2018 Fall The Influence of Collective Efficacy and Neighborhood Cohesion on Homelessness in Cache Valley, Utah Madison Elliott Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Jessica Lucero
2018 Fall The Effect of Religious Priming on Rape Victim Blame Emma Heath Psychology Kathryn Sperry
2018 Fall The Restless Observers: A Student Independent Theater Project Brendon Henderson Theatre Arts Richie Call
2018 Fall Examining the Perceptions of Agricultural Education through the Lens of the Spouse/Partner Nicole Hopkins Applied Sciences, Technology & Education Tyson Sorensen
2018 Fall Speech Contact Pressures in children with cancers of the head, neck, or brain Kierstin Hougaard Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Stephanie Knollhoff
2018 Fall The influence of capping layer chemistry and nanoparticle size geometry on the ability of porous silicon dioxide nanoparticles to interact with cells; for application in diagnostics and tracked targeted delivery of treatments against cytomegalovirus infection. Devan Kunzler Biological Engineering David Britt
2018 Fall Blocking While Black: An Examination of Racial Disparity on Holding Penalties in the NFL Dylan Leiker Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Mehmet Soyer
2018 Fall What Affects My Motivation Nicholas Moyle Family, Consumer & Human Development Aryn Dotterer
2018 Fall The Relationship between Family-of-Origin Dynamics and Young Adult (18-30) Relationship Outcomes Madisyn Patton Family, Consumer & Human Development Ryan Seedall
2018 Fall Citizen Musicianship: Communicating Crisis Through the Arts Amy Thacker Music Christopher Scheer
2018 Fall Habituation and Secondary Sensations that Arise from Stimulation of the Vestibular System Makina Todd Health, Physical Education & Recreation Chris Dakin
2018 Fall Utah Wellbeing Project Pilot Study: Analyzing the Environmental Components of Wellbeing, and Encouraging Policymaker & Community Engagement Moving Forward Casey Trout Environment & Society Courtney Flint
2018 Fall Development of a Molecularly Cloned, Live-attenuated Chimeric Zika Virus Vaccine Candidate Rebecca Visser Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences Young-Min Lee
2017 Fall Improving expression quality for recombinant spider silk proteins (rSSP) with a cold-shock promoter system Joshua Daniel Biological Engineering Randy Lewis
2017 Fall Experiences of Internalized Sexism Among Young Adult Women and Links to Psychosocial Functioning Audrianna Dehlin Psychology Renee Galliher
2017 Fall The Vestibular Contribution to Balance Control in Older Adults during Locomotion and Stair Negotiation Megan Elwood Health, Physical Education & Recreation Chris Dakin
2017 Fall Effects of Photoperiods on the Performance of an Algal Biofilm Reactor for Wastewater Remediation & Biomass Production Nathan Guymon Biological Engineering Ronald Sims
2017 Fall The Effect of Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Factors on Reporting of Concussions among NCAA Student-Athletes Joshua Hansen Biology Breanna Studenka
2017 Fall Molecular strain typing of alfalfa weevils from Utah, Nevada and California Chelsea Jenkins Biology Claudia Nischwitz
2017 Fall Great Basin Forb Restoration: Lupine Response to Altered Precipitation Predicted by Climate Change Andrea Jo Johnson Wildland Resources Kristin Hulvey
2017 Fall Using LAMP To Identify Species of Sand Flies Russell Kline Biology Scott Bernhardt
2017 Fall Temperature Dependence of Electron Yield in Low-Density Polyethylene Jordan Lee Physics John Dennison
2017 Fall City Roads Expenditures in Utah: Repair or Rebuild? Jake Meyer Economics & Finance Briggs Depew
2017 Fall The influence of time spent in beginning and end-state postures on grasp choice Rachel Modersitzki Psychology Breanna Studenka
2017 Fall Kids’ Computing with PocketCHIP: Learning Computational Thinking Skills through Digital Making Chase Mortensen Computer Science Breanne Litts
2017 Fall Improving purification solubility of recombinant spider silk proteins (rSSP) with coexpressed chaperone proteins Bradley Richards Chemistry & Biochemistry Randy Lewis
2017 Fall Speak and Sketch: A Case Study of an Expository Intervention for Children with Language Impairment Richard Risueno Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Teresa Ukrainetz
2017 Fall Does stopping ability measured by an executive function task correlate with rapid postural responses in complex environments? Garrett Rydalch Biology David Bolton
2017 Fall The Effects of Nicotine on Maladaptive Alcohol Drinking Isabella Stuart Psychology Amy Odum
2017 Fall Combined Approaches for Quantifying Groundwater-Surface Water Exchanges in Karst Watersheds Hyrum Tennant Civil & Environmental Engineering Bethany Neilson
2017 Fall Next Generation Sequencing of a Novel Phototrophic Purple Bacterium Genome Andrew Walters Biological Engineering Charles Miller
2017 Summer Preparation and Characterization of SNAP-tagged rPMT1 Alisha Wright Chemistry & Biochemistry Joan Hevel
2017 Summer The Effect of High vs. Low Tide on Lemon Shark (Negaprion brevirostris) and Black-tip Reef Shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) Abundance in the Lagoon at Heron Island Reef Audree Van Valkenburg Watershed Sciences Trisha Atwood
2017 Summer Expressing and Characterizing the Nop53-Mtr4 Protein Interaction Conrad Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry Sean Johnson
2017 Summer Why do US States Develop Wind Power: A Policy Anaysis over Space and Time Emily Richards Environment & Society Christopher Lant
2017 Summer Heterobimetallic Molecular Models Mimicking the Active Site of Cytochrome c Oxidase for Electrocatalytic O2 Reduction Jameson B. Mason Chemistry & Biochemistry Yujie Sun
2017 Summer Graphene Synthesis and Characterization Joshua Perkins Electrical & Computer T-C Shen
2017 Summer The KKK in the West: Income Inequality, Urban Rural Divides and White Supremacy Justine Larsen Political Science Colin Flint
2017 Summer The Connection between Mindfulness and Relapse among Persons Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Laurie Shafer Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Carl Sorenson
2017 Summer Developing a soil aggregate stability standard for use in laboratory proficiency testing Mackenzie Smith Plants, Soils & Climates Grant Cardon
2017 Summer Does familiarity with a talker's voice facilitate speech intelligibility in noise? Madison Buntrock Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Brittan Barker
2017 Summer Design and construction of a multi-subunit Type IV CRISPR system  expression plasmid Melena Garrett Biological Ryan Jackson
2017 Summer Synthesis of Novel Cholestanol Glycosides Noah Thackeray Chemistry & Biochemistry Tom Chang
2017 Summer Catalytic and Structural Effects of Tryptophan Point-Mutations in the Phosphatase PTP1B Spencer Johnson Chemistry & Biochemistry Alvan Hengge
2017 Summer Nesting Success In Woodpeckers Taryn Rodman Biology Kin Sullivan
2017 Summer A Digital Database of Integrable Systems and their Properties Thomas Hill Mathematics & Statistics Ian  Anderson
2017 Summer An Examination of the Prevalence of IPV Training in U.S. Medical School Curriculum by Rank and Type of Institution Tyson Lumbreras Biology Jessica  Lucero
2017 Summer Investigation of Fugitive Emissions on Winter Ozone in the Uintah Basin Walker Hunt Chemistry & Biochemistry Marc Mansfield
2017 Spring A Regulatory Analysis of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act Arthur Wardle Jon M Huntsman School of Business Ryan Yonk
2017 Spring Attachment, Demand-Withdraw, and Physiological Response during Couple Interaction Ashley Bell Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Ryan Seedall
2017 Spring Impact of the Total Western Diet and supplementation on TNF, a biomarker of inflammation. Ashli Hunter College of Science Abby Benninghoff
2017 Spring Regime Switching Price Relations in the Dairy Markets Bradley Zynda College of Science Tyler Brough
2017 Spring Identifying Changes in C2C12 Cells from Radiation and Zero Gravity Effects using Raman Spectroscopy Cameron Zabriskie College of Engineering Elizabeth Vargis
2017 Spring The Effects of Sociocultural Factors on Social Connectedness and its Relationship with Minority Stress in LGBTQ Young Adults Chandler Whitlock Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Renee Galiher
2017 Spring Sequence, Structure, and Evolution of the Cardiac Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels (NaV 1.5) in Two Families of Salamanders. Christine Wisell College of Science Charles Hanifin
2017 Spring Understanding schizophrenia through study of impaired latent inhibition in BDNF-Met mice Daniel Griffin Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Mona Buhusi
2017 Spring Cheryl Frances-Hoad and Contemporary British Classical Music: Composer, Performers, and Audience Ethan Seegmiller Caine College of the Arts Chris Scheer
2017 Spring The Effect of Occupational Licensing on Minorities and Women in Utah Jacob Caldwell Jon M Huntsman School of Business Ryan Yonk
2017 Spring Manipulating Microparticles by Electrostatic Force Jonny Britt College of Science TC Shen
2017 Spring Manipulation of Elk Browsing to Improve Rangeland Vegetation Justin Taylor S. J. & Jessie E Quinney College of Natural Resources Juan Villalba
2017 Spring The Effect of Aging on Angiogenesis in RPE Cells Kara Swenson College of Science Elizabeth Vargis
2017 Spring Testing the Efficacy of Camera-Trap Surveys for Estimating Habitat Occupancy of Puma concolor Margaret Hallerud S. J. & Jessie E Quinney College of Natural Resources Dan Mcnulty
2017 Spring Clonal dynamics in aspen in the Utah Forest Dynamics Plot Matthew Bishop S. J. & Jessie E Quinney College of Natural Resources James Lutz
2017 Spring Pollution Particle Simulator Nicholas Carpenter Caine College of the Arts Mark Koven
2017 Spring Examining Relationship Process variables as Moderators in the Associations between Financial Distress and Individual Emotional Distress in Emerging Adults Rhees Johnson Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Josh Novak
2017 Spring Shelters are Built with Words Shaun Anderson College of Humanities and Social Sciences Jennifer Sinor
2017 Spring Drought Stress and Induced Lignin Production in Wheat Stephanie Doxey College of Science Astrid Jacobson
2017 Spring Variation and Evolution of Fern Chloroplast Genomes Tanner Robison College of Science Paul Wolf
2017 Spring Photographs as Memory: A Multimedia Investigation of Alzheimer's Disease Tess Cramer Caine College of the Arts Marissa Vigneault
2017 Spring Temperature Dependence of Electrostatic Breakdown in Highly Disordered Polymers Tyler Kippen College of Science JR Dennison
2016 Fall Dormancy Break of Alkali Bulrush Seeds: Effect of Source Population and Length of Cold Stratification Casey Trout Environment & Society Karin Kettenring
2016 Fall The effects of knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes on consumers’ acceptance of genetically modified (GM) food labels & their purchasing intensions Corryn LaRue Applied Sciences, Technology & Education Kelsey Hall
2016 Fall Understanding schizophrenia's effect on hippocampal function through computational modeling of latent inhibition Daniel Griffin Psychology Catalin Buhusi
2016 Fall Technical Limitations Realized as Artistic Potential: The Contemporary Silent Film Danielle Green English Brian McCuskey
2016 Fall Social Media's Effect on Negative Body Image and Eating Disorder Behavior In College-Aged Women Deanna Smith Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Jennifer Roark
2016 Fall Tunable Spider Silk Film as a Synthetic Bruch's Membrane Ian Wadsworth Biological Elizabeth Vargis
2016 Fall Electrocatalytic Biomass Upgrading via Electrodeposited Fe-based Catalysts Irina Terrero Rodriguez Chemistry & Biochemistry Yulie Sun
2016 Fall Training High School Students to Engage in Face-to-Face and Social Media Conversations about Animal Welfare KailCee Harrison Applied Sciences, Technology & Education Kelsey Hall
2016 Fall Interpreting Climatic Fluctuations Using the Chronology and Isotope Geochemistry of Tibetan Hot Spring Travertine Deposits Kendra Bunnell Geology Dennis Newell
2016 Fall Redox Signaling Supplement and Its Effect on Cardiovascular Endurance Kyle Shegrud Health, Physical Education & Recreation Dale Wagner
2016 Fall Impacts of climate change on the fitness of an indicator species: the Uinta ground squirrel Lucas Henzler Wildland Resources Lise Aubry
2016 Fall Attentional Resources Michael Williams Psychology Catalin Buhusi
2016 Fall Water Footprints Supplied by Utah Agriculture Paige Morgan Marketing Chris Lant
2016 Fall The Effect of Essential Oils on the Crystallization of Cocoa Butter Zachary Cooper Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Services Silvana Martini
2016 Summer Pairing of Anaerobic and Aerobic Treatment of Petroleum Wastewater Alan Hodges Biological Ron Sims
2016 Summer Degradation Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Commercially Available Spacecraft Components Alexander Souvall Physics JR Dennison
2016 Summer Composite PHB/Algae Bioplastic Amanda Stoudt Biological Charles Miller
2016 Summer The Effect of Ratios of Blue, Green and Red Light from LEDs on Growth and Development of Kale Boston Swan PSC Bruce Bugbee
2016 Summer Effects of Delay Discounting on Individual Mental Health and Relationships Brandi Poulsen FCHD Ryan Seedall
2016 Summer Presence of Wolbachia in sandfly populations and correlation with pesticide resistance Cody Bills Biology Carol Van Dohlen
2016 Summer Spatial Analysis of Malaria Diagnostic Testing in Benin Corey Kimzey Math & Stats Jeurgen Symanzik
2016 Summer Microscope Growth Chamber Dallon Durfey Biological Elizabeth Vargis
2016 Summer Modeling change trajectories for mental health symptoms and functioning during psychotherapy Elizabeth Wynn Psychology Rick Cruz
2016 Summer Seedling performance of alkali bulrush sourced from different sites: implications for revegetation in Great Salt Lake wetlands. Gabriela Judd WILD Karin Kettenring
2016 Summer Composer and Performer: Studying the Libby Larsen Viola Sonata with James Dunham. Gavon Peck Music Chris Scheer
2016 Summer Identifying Multiple Predictors of Physical Rehabilitation Outcomes Jacklyn Sullivan Chem/Biochem Sydney Schaefer
2016 Summer Determining the Role of Spa47 ATPase Activity in Shigella Virulence Jenna Hawley chem/Biochem Nicholas Dickenson
2016 Summer Environmental DNA: Using salt licks to recover COI sequences and microsatel Jessica Hollingshead WILD Karen Mock
2016 Summer Nutrient Allocation: Reproductive Investment vs. Wound Healing in Uta stansburiana John Pettit NDFS Susannah French
2016 Summer Theory of Mind and the Game of Chicken Justin Campbell Psychology Kerry Jordan
2016 Summer Comparing Performance Practice of Vocal Vibrato in J. S. Bach's Saint Matthew Passion Kaylee Simmons Music Chris Scheer
2016 Summer Diversity Education: Are We Preparing Teachers to Teach All Learners? Lindi Andreasen TEAL Sarah Clark
2016 Summer Lipid Protein Isolation Process (LPIP) Michael Hansen Biological Ron Sims
2016 Summer Attentional Resources Michael Williams Psychology Catalin Buhusi
2016 Summer Correlation of Corruption and Education in Developing Countries Nathalie De La Cruz Aquino Applied Econ Devon Gorry
2016 Summer Fitness Costs to Methoprene Resistance in Culex pipiens Mosquitoes Parker Johnson Biology Scott Bernhardt
2016 Summer Iron-Doped Cobalt Phosphide Films for Overall Water Splitting Raquel Boonstra Chem/Biochem Yujie Sun
2016 Summer Facilitation of Microfluidic Channeling to Generate Concentration Gradients for Cellular Culture Ryan Hatch Biological Anhong Zhou
2016 Summer Variation in alkali bulrush (Bolboschoenus maritimus) functional traits: implications for restoration of desired ecosystem functions to wetlands Sarah Woodbury Environ & Soc Karin Kettenring
2016 Summer Consumer-Ready Milk Spoilage Indicator by Method of Immersed pH Detector Timothy Kerns Biological Anhong Zhou
2016 Spring Mechanisms of Adaptation: Standing Genetic Variation vs. De Novo Mutation Alexandre Rego Biology Zach Gompert
2016 Spring The Marrow of Life: Nature and Spirituality at Walden Pond Alyssa Quinn English Jennifer Sinor
2016 Spring Development of Archaeal and Alga-lytic Bacteria Detection Systems Andrew Walters Biological Charles Miller
2016 Spring The Effect of Ratios of Blue, Green and Red light from LEDs on Growth and Development of Kale Boston Swan PSC Bruce Bugbee
2016 Spring The Effect of Cognitive Dissonance in Social Dilemmas: An EEG Analysis Bradley Robinson Psychology Kerry Jordan
2016 Spring Modern Day First Nations People Breanna Klamm Art & Design Carsten Meier
2016 Spring Comparing the effects of duck ingestion and natural cold stratification on bulrush seed dormancy loss Bret Mossman Wildland Resources Karin Kettenring
2016 Spring Comparison of the German System and the French/American Boehm System Clarinet Clifford Tam Music Nicholas Morrison
2016 Spring History & Social Studies Enhancement Through Drama Colin Anderson Theatre Arts Matt Omasta
2016 Spring Hyper vigilance in an animal model of ptsd Colten Brown Psychology Mona Buhusi
2016 Spring Floral Developmental Stages and Stress-induced Reversions from Asexual to Sexual Seed Formation in Boechera (Brassicaceae) Devin Wright Biology John Carman
2016 Spring Elliptic Surfaces Over P^1 Elise Griffin Mathematics & Statistics Andreas Malmendier
2016 Spring U-Pb Detrital Zircon Geochronology of the middle Neoproterozoic Visingsö Group, Southern Sweden Fallon Rowe Geology Carol Dehler
2016 Spring "The Enemy?" Perceptions of the United States in Salvador Allende's Chile Grant Holyoak Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology Christy Glass
2016 Spring Impacts of hydroelectric dams on aquatic invertebrate life cycles: the role of desiccation Jesse Fleri WILD Scott Miller
2016 Spring Evolution of the Voltage Gated Sodium Channel SCN5a in the Family Salamandridae Kristopher Pedersen Biology Charles Hanifin
2016 Spring Dependence of Electrostatic Field Strength on Voltage Ramp Rates for Spacecraft Materials Krysta Moser Physics JR Dennison
2016 Spring DNA Methylation and Stress-induced Reversions from Asexual to Sexual Seed Formation in Boechera (Brassicaceae) Landon Watts Biology John Carman
2016 Spring Development of In Vitro Bruch's Membrane for Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Growth Lori Caldwell Biological Elizabeth Vargis
2016 Spring Synergy between Azoles and Novel K-Analog Aminoglycosides against Candida Albicans. Matthew Argiro Biology Jon Takemoto
2016 Spring Assessment of postural sway during different attention focus states in post-surgery ACL tears Natalie Ferguson HPER Breanna Studenka
2016 Spring USU Numerical Integrator for Computational Orbit Analysis: A Swarm Gravimetry Simulation Nathan Stacey MAE Kohei Fujimoto
2016 Spring Determining seed germination requirements of the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, Cleome serrulata Reagan Wytsalucy PSC Daniel Drost
2016 Spring Assessment of in vitro ruminal nitrogen metabolism of dietary protein supplements in a lactation dairy diet using continuous cultures Sydney Blaser ADVS Jong-Su
2016 Spring Effects of Dehydration on Oxygen Stable Isotopes Present in Uta stansburiana Tyler Hansen Biology Susannah French
2016 Spring Optimization of Lipoprotein Extraction Procedure for Waste Water Cultivated Algae Tyler Marlar Biological Engineering Ron Sims
2015 Summer Hawaiian Honeycreeper Janet Hancock Art and Design Department Carsten Meier
2015 Summer A Performer's Guide to Program Management Marie Smith Music Department Christopher Scheer
2015 Summer Ultrathin Metal Oxides as Oxygen Evolution Catalysts in Water Jeffrey Chipman Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences  Department Yujie Sun
2015 Summer Key Stakeholders Perceptions of Values and Vulnerabilities of the Wasatch Kent  Dean Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning  Department Courtney Flint
2015 Summer Regeneration of Peripheral Nerves using Recombinant Spider Silk Protein Alexis Morris Biological Engineering Department Randy  Lewis
2015 Summer Arakniprint Brianne Bell Biological Engineering Department Randolph Lewis
2015 Summer Nanofabrication of Glucose-Powered Abiotic Biobatteries for Implantation and Integration in Biological Systems Cody Maughan Biological Engineering Department David Britt
2015 Summer Effects of Leachables and Extractables in Single Use Bioprocess Containment Systems on Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Growth and Quality John Jarvis Biological Engineering Department Elizabeth Vargis
2015 Summer Separating Pichia pastoris from a Continuous Flow System Nicholas Lauritzen Biological Engineering Department Tim Taylor
2015 Summer Inhibition of Murine Cytomegalovirus Through Nanoparticle Interaction Taylor Eggertsen Biological Engineering Department David  Britt
2015 Summer The Children Who Foster Daniela Wheelwright Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Department Jennifer Roark
2015 Summer Huntington Library Internship Elisabeth Cropper History Department Susan Cogan
2015 Summer "Sylvia Plath: A study in Adolescent Influences" Hannah Tullis English Department Michael Sowder
2015 Summer Qualities that Influence Guardian ad Litem Effectiveness Ilana Kornfeld Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Department Jennifer Roark
2015 Summer The Effect Farming Ties Have on Local Water Issues Jordan  Risley Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Department Dr. Doug  Jackson-Smith
2015 Summer Electron Range Penetration of Diverse Materials Anne Starley Physics Department John Dennison
2015 Summer Effects of Soil Nitrogen Levels and Neighboring Crops on Onion Thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) Populations Harlie Hutchinson Biology Department Diane Alston
2015 Summer Robbing Insects of Sex: Wolbachia's impact on Adelgid Reproduction Ian Aper Biology Department Carol von Dohlen
2015 Summer Purification and Characterization of Spa47, a Putative ATPase from Shigella flexneri Jamie  Kingsford Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Nicholas Dickenson
2015 Summer Identifying Key Binding Sites of the Shigella IpaC/IpgC Complex Jenna Hawley Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Nicholas Dickenson
2015 Summer Impact of Feral Cats on Side-Blotched Lizard Populations (Uta stansburiana) Jennica Blasi Biology Department Susannah French
2015 Summer Stable isotope analysis of modern lacustrine stromatolites in Great Salt Lake, Utah Jordan Jensen Geology Department Dennis Newell
2015 Summer Development of a Water Budget for the Upper Logan River and an Estimate of Ground Water Inflow to Cache Valley from the Bear River Range Joshua Gathro Geology Department Thomas Lachmar
2015 Summer Identification and transcription of an RNA substrate that allows visualization of the Mtr4-RNA complex Katielee Robinson Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Sean Johnson
2015 Summer Thermoregulation and Immunological Responses in African House Snakes (Lamprophis fuliginosus) Michael Ryan Biology Susannah French
2015 Summer Synthesis of Vitamin C/Cationic Anthraquinone Analog Complexes Nathan Leishman Biology Department Cheng-Wei Tom Chang
2015 Summer Digital Einstein Project: The Equivalence Problem Rebecca Petrick Physics Department Charles Torre
2015 Summer Conodont Microfossil Extraction and Identification from Carbonate Rocks of the Lower Ordovician Garden City Formation: Application to Correlation and Development of Sequence Stratigraphic Models for Intrashelf Basins of Early Ordovician Utah Sarah Schulthies Geology Department David Liddell
2015 Summer Optimization of Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins with Bio-oil and Amino Acid Residues Scott Lyle Biology Department Foster Agblevor
2015 Summer Does the motivational climate within a competitive situation influence aspects of non-linear variability? Cameron Olsen Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department Breanna  Studenka
2015 Summer Trauma and Touch: Apprehension of Touch in Victims of MST Danielle Christensen Psychology Department Rebecca Blais
2015 Summer Producing a Youth Sport Parent Seminar Video Designed for Electronic Distribution Michael King Family, Consumer, and Human Development Department Travis Dorsch
2015 Summer Barriers to Health Care Access for the Eritrean Refugee Population Michael Hoggard Economics and Finance Department Julie Gast
2015 Summer The effects of waterfowl digestion, scarification, and cold stratification on dormancy break of bulrush seeds Delena Williams Wildland Resources Department Karin Kettenring
2015 Summer Statistical analysis of organic non-chemical weed controls on peach tree fruit yield Gaia  Nafziger Plants, Soils, and Climate  Department Jennifer Reeves
2015 Summer Activity Patterns of Arctic Wolves Heather Shipp Wildland Resources Department Dan MacNulty
2015 Summer Trophic position and niche-space dynamics of apex predators in arctic lakes Levi Simmons Watershed Sciences Department Phaedra Budy
2015 Spring Young Women’s Sexual Assault Experiences: Exploring Conservative Socialization Experiences as an Important Contextual Factor Analise Barker Psychology Renee Galliher
2015 Spring Do Coqui Frogs in Hawaii Change Their Diet Over the Course of the Day Arthur Wallis NR Karen Beard
2015 Spring Variance in Stomatal Size and Density Between Triploid and Diploid Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) in Utah Brianne Palmer Wildland Resources Karen Mock
2015 Spring Time Course of C-Reactive Protein Following Vigorous Aerobic Exercise Chaise Warr HPER Dale Wagner
2015 Spring A Comparison of Predictions of Water Quality Impairmment Resulting from Water Quality Criteria Versus Bio-Indicators Colin Brady NR Nancy Mesner
2015 Spring A Radical Approach to Biochemically Isolating Iron-Sulfur Containing Human Helicase Protein Dallas Elder Chemistry Edwin Antony
2015 Spring Control of Rad51 Nucleoprotein Filament Formation on Forked DNA Substrates by the Shu pro-HR Mediator Complex Daniel Morris Chemistry Edwin Antony
2015 Spring Benefit-Cost Analysis of Cache County Emission Testing Regulation Dyer (Holly) Group Applied Econ Ryan Bosworth
2015 Spring Role of the Srs2 2B Domain in Homologous Recombination Elliot Corless Chemistry Edwin Antony
2015 Spring Raining Cheatgrass Eric Sodja Wild Doug Ramsey
2015 Spring Sense of Community: A Comparative Study of High School Extracurricular Activities Erica Hawvermale FCHD Travis Dorsch
2015 Spring The Role of Nongame Fishes in the Strawberry Reservoir Ecosystem Jamie Reynolds NR Phaedra Budy
2015 Spring The Role of Dissolved Organic Matter in CuO Nanoparticle Solubility Josh Hortin Civil Joan McLean
2015 Spring A Hibernator's Response to Climate Change: Ecological Drivers of Persistence Kari Norman NR Lise Aubry
2015 Spring Cathodoluminescence Events Coincident with Muon Detection Kenneth Zia Physics JR Dennison
2015 Spring Changes in Root Carbohydrate Reserves and its Implications for Management of Phragmites australis, an Aggressive Plant Invader of Great Sale Lake Wetlands Konnon Smith NR Karin Kettenring
2015 Spring The Impact of Food $ense Kids on Preschool Students’ Vegetable Preference Kristin Murphy Hall FCHD Lisa Boyce
2015 Spring A Teaching Toolkit of Biochemistry Experiments using SSB Protein Mark Stoll Chemistry Edwin Antony
2015 Spring Molecular Basis for the Physical Interation Between the Rad51 Recombinase and the SRS2 Helicase Matison Rasmussen Chemistry Edwin Antony
2015 Spring Characterizing the Adenylation Activity of a BbBSLS Construct Miekan Stonhill Chemistry Joan Hevel
2015 Spring Effect of Aggregation at a Winter Feeding Station on Intestinal Parasite Load in Elk (Cervus canadensis) Morgan Hughes Wildland Resources Johan du Toit
2015 Spring Adaptive Evolution of Escherichia coli with Defection Nathan Hebert Biological Daniel Hyduke
2015 Spring Genius Loci de Montis Nicholas Decker Art and Design Ryoichi Suzuki
2015 Spring Cellular Uptake and Distribution of Gold Nanoparticles Peter Haight Biological Engineering Department Elizabeth Vargis
2015 Spring Validating Growing Conditions at Candidate Orchards Sites and Selecting Native Peach Scion Materials on Reservation Lands in the Four Corners Reagan Wytsalucy Plants, Soils and Climate Grant Cardon
2015 Spring Role of Norepinephrine in Parkinson-related Cognitive Deficits Richard Harvey Psychology Catalin Buhusi
2015 Spring Overview of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Utah, with a Focus on Boreal Toads and Their Changing Conservation Status Samantha Beirne Wildland Resources Karen Beard
2015 Spring Lateral Control of a Vehicle Platoon Samuel Mitchell Electrical Ryan Gerdes
2015 Spring Historical Perspectives on Playwriting and Young Audiences Sarah Luthy Theatre Arts Matt Omasta
2015 Spring Effectiveness of Halobacterium salinarium Gas Vesicles as Sonographic Molecular Reporters Seth Drury Biology/Chem Laiolhai Chen
2015 Spring Post-Translational Regulation of Nitrogenase Activity in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Tanner Godfrey Biology/Chem Scott Ensign
2015 Spring Investigating the Role of an Identified Pi-bulge in IpaD on Shigella flexneri Virulence Terry Jessop Chemistry Nicholas Dickenson
2015 Spring The Influence of Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) on Small Mammal Richness and Abundance at the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah Trinity Smith Wildland Resources Eric Gese