Process for Hiring Benefited Positions

To hire benefited positions within the Office of Research, please follow the steps outlined here:


Contact Business Services

Contact Business Services (Manager or Finance Officer) when considering hiring in your department. This is to verify position and budget availability.

Replacing Someone
Position #, current salary, budget range

New Position
Meet with FO and VPR to discuss funding, FO will submit New Position Request


Contact the Vice President for Research for approval

Dr. Lisa Berreau, Vice President for Research


Are you ready to Post the job?

Use the Post a Job form in ServiceNow (Business Services – Employment Forms) to request the job posting in iCIMS. Please reach out if you have any questions when completing this form.

Service Now Job Post     Hiring Toolkit


Job is posted in iCIMS 

Required advertisement period (USU policy 387) non-exempt/non-benefited 7 days, exempt 14 days. Search chair will receive an email from HR when this period is over and you can begin reviewing, interviewing, etc.

Training resources located on the hiring toolkit page


Are you ready to make an offer?

  1. Contact VPR for approval
  2. Make a verbal offer, receive verbal acceptance.
  3. Send candidate information (Name, address, email, salary and agreed upon start date) to Teresa. Once final approval from Lisa/Branden is received. Teresa will send out the offer letter.

Note: keep top 3-5 candidates un-marked in iCIMS until you have signed offer letter. 


Signed Offer Letter has been received

Mark hired in iCIMS (this action sends out the background check)
Submit the Unified Hiring Form (UHF) in ServiceNow (Business Services – Employment Forms) with the signed offer letter attached.

On the UHF there’s an option for: Additional Services Needed for Employee such as, Communication Allowance, P-card request, Other. If you would like to submit a key request at this time, please mark Other and then put the access you would like in the box that pops up.

*Before an employees’ first day of employment confirm with Business Manager that the employee has completed the I-9.