Process for Hiring a Non-Benefited/Part-Time Employee

Follow these steps when hiring a non-benefited and/or part-time employee:

  1. Contact your Business Manager
  2. Job Posting: Use the Post a Job form in ServiceNow (Business Services – Employment Forms) to request the job posting in AggieHandshake or in iCIMS. Please reach out if you have any questions when completing this form.
    • NOTE: Candidate to be hired must have applied to a position posting. The job posting number is required except in the case of re-hiring in the same department.
  3. Business Services will post the job and let the department requestor know the job #.
  4. Departments conduct interview and selection process with committee, make an offer to potential hire, receive confirmation from new hire.
  5. Departments submit the UHF (Unified Hiring Form) in ServiceNow (Business Services – Employment Forms) The UHF will begin the hiring/onboarding process for the new employee. If they haven’t been employed at USU in the last 365 days, they will be sent a form to complete some demographic information. Once the information is collected, the Business Services team will receive the UHF to complete the hiring process.
    • NOTE: Please allow 1 week from submission of UHF before start date.
  6. Confirm with Business Manager that the new employee has completed the I-9 before they start working.