Office of Research Computer/Asset Inventory and Disposal

Remember to:

  • Discuss computer/asset purchases with your Business Manager.
  • If something is lost, please let your Business Manager know.
  • If computers will be taken off campus, please complete the Equipment Off Premise Authorization Form

Computer/Non-capital Asset Inventory Process

Non-capital inventory lists will be sent out to departments the first Monday in October. It is the department’s responsibility to verify each asset and return the list to your Business Manager by November 15th. If there are assets deemed lost at that time the Business Manager will complete the request to retire form to be signed by the department director and the VPR.


  1. Fill out the Surplus Disposal form with USU barcode #’s and use index A49783.
  2. Submit an IT ticket for IT to pick up the computer and wipe/send to surplus. Attach the disposal form and cc your Business Manager.
  3. If you are disposing office furniture or equipment that is not tagged with USU barcode, please see the instructions on the surplus disposal form.

house and laptop

Equipment Off Premise Authorization


Surplus Disposal Form

Use A49783 for surplus

contract with signature

Non-Capital Equipment Procedures