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Dawnie Elzinga
Dawnie Elzinga
External Funding Specialist

(435) 797-2017
Email: dawnie.elzinga@usu.edu

As the External Funding Specialist within the Office of Research, my goal is to help USU faculty secure research funding and provide an extra layer of support for complex proposals.

I offer a range of Research Development Services specifically designed to support faculty's pursuit of high-impact research opportunities, typically targeting grants of $1 million or above.

Service Overview
Funding Landscape Analysis
  • Identifies current and emerging funding opportunities aligned with your research.
  • Conducts long-term, ongoing strategic funding searches to ensure you capture the most relevant opportunities.
Funding Program Analysis
  • Provides insights into specific funding programs to strengthen your proposal competitiveness (e.g., award history, funding trends, sponsor priorities).
External Profile
  • Provides a summary of leading researchers and institutions in your field, along with potential collaborators.
Strategic Planning Support
  • Provides planning support for research teams preparing for large-scale proposals, ensuring the most competitive proposal possible. 
Large and/or complex proposal support
  • Under the direction of your college’s Proposal Development Specialist, offer an additional layer of support for complex proposals.

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Working Together

I view each faculty member as a long-term client, tailoring my services to your specific needs. Here is what you can expect in working together:

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