Research Development and Grant Writing News

USU has an institutional subscription to the Academic Research Funding Strategies newsletter, Research Development & Grant Writing News, which is published monthly and provides faculty with advice on how to compete successfully for research and education funding from federal agencies and foundations. Newsletter content can be distributed to anyone within the institution; however, access by those outside the institution is not allowed per USU’s subscription agreement.

USU also has an institutional license for two e-books published by Academic Research Funding Strategies:

  • New Faculty Guide to Competing for Research Funding (2nd edition)
  • Strategies for Planning, Developing, and Writing Large Team Grants

Like the newsletter, the e-books can be distributed to anyone within the institution.

Access to current and past newsletter editions and the e-books is provided via a secured Box folder. A newsletter article index is also available in the Box folder.

In Every Issue

  • Topics of Interest URLs
  • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts Funding Opportunities and News
  • New Funding Opportunities
  • Research Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Educational Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Agency Research News
  • Agency Reports, Workshops, and Research Roadmaps
  • New Funding Opportunities