Planning and Writing Successful Proposals Seminar

(tailored to faculty)

Date: Fall 2021
Time: TBA
Place: TBA
Registration: TBA

The Planning and Writing Successful Proposals seminar is a full-day experience combining lecture, “in-classroom flipped classroom,” participant-supplied content, and other practices to provide engagement throughout the day. This seminar emphasizes the why as well as the how of proposal writing. By understanding the reasoning and rationale behind specific suggestions, participants can take that learning and adapt it to many different research and proposal development situations.

The goal of this seminar is to provide both beginning investigators and those with some experience with new approaches and ways to think about preparing a proposal. The approaches taught during the seminar will help demystify the proposal writing process but at the same time provide concrete tools to use in organizing the information and arguments necessary for the development of a compelling proposal.

This seminar is offered every Fall semester and is a prerequisite for application to the Office of Research seed grant program.