Research Summits

The Office of Research is promoting opportunities to help USU's cadre of high-achieving researchers continue their quest for discovery. To promote engagement around societally important research area affecting Utah, the nation and world, the Office of Research will be hosting a series of Research Summits for researchers wanting to build relationships across campus on these key topic areas.

What are Research Summits?

Research Summits are dynamic events where experts, thought leaders, and industry representatives converge to discuss critical topics. These summits offer a unique opportunity for researchers to:

  • Connect with Peers: Engage in meaningful conversations with fellow researchers and industry professionals.
  • Explore Funding Opportunities: Gain insights into topic-related funding sources and stay informed about the latest opportunities.
  • Build Research Teams: Network and form interdisciplinary teams to tackle complex challenges.

Past Research Summits

Stay Informed

The funding landscape is ever-changing. Visit past summit pages for the most up-to-date information on funding opportunities related to each topic. 

Have Ideas for Future Summits?
We value your input! If you have exciting ideas for future research summits, please share them with us. Email your suggestions to