Featured Water-Related Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research is promoting opportunities to help USU's cadre of high-achieving researchers continue their quest for discovery. To promote engagement around societally important research area affecting Utah, the nation and world, the Office of Research will be hosting a series of Research Summits for researchers wanting to build relationships across campus on these key topic areas.


This event was held on April 23, 2024, at the Maverik Stadium Champions Club (3rd Floor) on water and water-related topics. The program included:

  • A panel of USU and industry representatives focused on water-related issues in the region
  • An overview of water-related external funding opportunities
  • An opportunity for networking to explore forming research teams

The panel members included:

  • Bethany Neilson, Professor, College of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Utah Water Research Laboratory
  • Burdette Barker, Irrigation Specialist, Extension, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Connely Baldwin, Water Resources Engineer / Hydrologist, Pacificorp
  • Courtney Flint, Professor, Quinney College of Natural Resources, Environment & Society / Ecology Center

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Attendees' Research Interests Related to Water

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External Funding Opportunities Related to Water

For a comprehensive list of water-related funding opportunities visit the Office of Research's curated funding search.


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