Why a research symposium?

Students connect with Utah State’s vibrant culture of student research by getting involved in the Fall or Spring Student Research Symposium.

Participating students can learn about research by interacting with presenters as attendees, or, even better, can become presenters themselves. The symposia support individual or group presentations in oral, poster, or performance sessions, along with exhibition spaces for visual work. 

Sharing research in a symposium gives students the experience of communicating their work and creative inquiry to an audience. Attendees come with a range of foundational knowledge about the presentation topics, allowing students to sharpen their presentation skills. Both symposia are designed to provide structure and a friendly environment for student presenters. They provide a real academic experience for veterans, while including elements to guide new presenters through the process.

Presenters will also receive constructive feedback from expert researchers on their research methods and presentation skills, and will have the opportunity to network with other research students, staff, and faculty.


Students will receive presentation templates, detailed instructions, and other guidance to ensure they are ready. In the weeks leading up to each symposium, Student Research staff will also provide presentation trainings where interested students can receive one-on-one feedback and training from professional communicators.

The Fall Student Research Symposium is for undergraduate presenters only, while the Spring Student Research Symposium is open to graduate students, as well.

All USU students are welcome to present their research at one of the symposia. Students tend to gain the most out of their presentation experience, however, when they have a faculty mentor to guide them through the research process and help them prepare for the symposium.

How can the symposium experience be integrated into a course?

Set of three people in a group

Designate an Oral Presentation Session

Assign your students to a specific session with up to 5 students/groups per room (maximum 15 presentations)

Image of a poster

Designate a Poster Presentation Session

Assign your students to a specific session with 24 poster presentations per session

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Allow Students Choice

Students choose their own presentation formats and session times when they register

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Attend as Audience

Students can attend other presentations for extra credit or as an assignment

For faculty and instructors that opt for student self-scheduling or as attendees, no further action is needed. To request a designated poster or oral presentation session, please fill out the form below!

Deadline for designated sessions:

  • Fall Student Research Symposium: September 15
  • Spring Student Research Symposium: January 15

Additional Information

To complete the designated session request form, you will need: 

  1. Instructor name, email and department
  2. Course number, level, and name
  3. Presentation type: 
    1. Poster sessions: up to 24 posters per 50-minute session
    2. Oral sessions: up to 5 presentations per 50-minute session, with three rooms available
    3. Exhibitions: capacity depends on display needs
    4. Performances: capacity depends on length of pieces but must fall within 50-minute sessions
  4. Number of presentations expected in designated session
  5. Discipline category

Office of Research staff cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate your designated session.  

Fall Dates
  • Deadline for designating a session: September 15
  • Registration opens: October 1
  • Registration closes: October 15
  • Abstract and presentation materials due: December 2
  • Event: December 5
Sessions at 10:30am, 11:130am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm 
Spring Dates
  • Deadline for designating a session: January 15
  • Registration opens: February 1
  • Registration closes: February 15
  • Abstract and presentation materials due: April 14
  • Event: April 16-17
Sessions at 10:30am, 11:130am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm on each day

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