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Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research program, created in 1975, supports undergraduate students at all stages of research. The program strives to help students find, fund, and present research that the students feel passionately about. This website provides resources to both undergraduate researchers and research mentors.

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How Undergraduate Research Can Enhance Your College Experience

Increased satisfaction with the college experience

According to this Undergraduate Research student survey, being involved in research can lead to higher satisfaction with college.

Increased retention in first generation and minority students

This Review of Higher Education exhibits one of the many studies that show how a personal relationship with a mentor through research can help you get your degree.

Helps prepare you for your future career

Undergraduate researchers get a jump start in their careers. According to this study of student experiences, undergraduate researchers are better prepared for life after college.

A research symposium with many different projects on display

What Undergraduate Researchers Have To Say

"Undergraduate research is a blast! It’s an excellent way to apply education to actual scenarios of interest. I encourage every student to do it if they have the chance, no matter their majors."

McKenna Walters, Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences class of 2019

"I love undergraduate research. I get to apply knowledge gained from the classroom into topics that intrigue me. Research has allowed me to build personal connections with numerous faculty and staff. These connections have helped to give me more opportunities to grow and succeed at Utah State University."

Ethan Hammer, Wildland Resources class of 2020

"This has been the single most influential experience of my college career. Working on and creating research projects has helped me to decide to continue research in grad school, vet school, and beyond. I’m so thankful to my research mentor for encouraging me and supporting my curiosity."

Kyleigh Tyler, Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences class of 2019

"I have absolutely loved my experiences conducting undergraduate research. It has opened so many doors for my future and has confirmed my love to research unexplored fields and contribute to society."

Braxton Beers, Psychology class of 2019

"Undergraduate research is fun and voluntary real life homework."

Haylee Downey, Psychology class of 2020

"Undergraduate research has been invaluable to my education. It has helped me connect concepts from multiples courses in a practical setting. Additionally, after starting undergraduate research, I did better in my coursework and understood everything more thoroughly. It made me a better student. I would recommend everyone participate in undergraduate research."

Avery Holyoak, Civil & Environmental Engineering class of 2019