About the Office of Research

The Office of Research is committed to supporting and growing nationally and internationally relevant programs of basic and applied research, scholarship, and creative inquiry.


The Office of Research supports USU’s mission by facilitating a culture of excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity of faculty and students through operational, training, funding, outreach and compliance support.


dollar icon  Efficient and responsible use of resources

We are careful stewards of our finances, personnel, time, and authority.

trophy icon  Excellence

We develop initiatives, support, resources, and strategies that are of the highest quality.

heart icon  Human Focus

We care about people, and we facilitate respect, collegiality, morale, mentorship, and professional growth.

check icon  Integrity

We make decisions with openness and honesty. We promote responsible, safe, ethical, and correct research that is in line with compliance best practices.

user icon   Inclusion

We commit to amplifying diverse perspectives from different disciplines, career levels, races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. We strive to ensure that under-represented individuals are at the table, supported, and valued.

arrow icon  Leadership

We take a proactive and forward-thinking approach to our operations and initiatives. We seek for strategic and innovative solutions.

handshake icon  Partnership

We value balanced and collaborative relationships in all our dealings and operations. We commit to listening and creating two-way dialog.

magnifying glass icon  Transparency

We commit to open and timely communication of our decisions, processes, budget, expectations of compliance, and operational guidelines.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1

Increase quality, capacity, and productivity of USU research programs.

Goal 2

Champion a culture of safety, compliance and integrity.

Goal 3

Enhance USU student research experience.

Goal 4

Connect USU research to the public.