Arts & Humanities Research or Creative Endeavors Outcomes Funding 2024

The Office of Research encourages faculty to disseminate their research products and creative outcomes via peer-reviewed books (monographs) or the production of original recordings, artwork or performances.

As part of supporting research campuswide, the Office of Research will provide funding on a limited, competitive basis via an application and review process. The Office of Research funding is up to $1000 and requires a matching departmental or college contribution of at least equal size to the request.

Eligibility to Apply

  • Tenure-track, tenured faculty or term appointment faculty members in the Caine College of the Arts (CCA) or the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS).
  • The research product or creative work should support the faculty member’s research or creative endeavors according to their role statement.
  • For subvention requests, publications must be under contract and accepted for publication at the time of application.
  • For performance requests, a letter of invitation and explanation of the stature of the venue must be included with the application.
  • The publication, recording, exhibition, or performance should occur no later than 18 months following application for this program.
  • Faculty may receive Office of Research Arts and Humanities Research Grant once every three fiscal years (note: fiscal years start July 1 of each year).

Eligible Costs

  • Subvention costs for publications and monographs (books) that are peer reviewed at well-respected academically oriented venues.
    • In co-authored books, the faculty member must be the lead author.
    • Works in major trade presses and self-published works are not eligible.
    • Although each project varies, in general, subventions can cover costs the press incurs such as rights for images, color printing, mapmaking, copyediting, open access fees, indexing, and marketing initiatives.
  • Works of art that will position the faculty member for an exhibition, public art installation, or gallery show in a well-respected academic or professional venue.
    • Materials costs
    • Shipping/crating costs
    • Travel costs for artwork
  • Video or audio recordings with a well-respected label or distributor
    • Rights fees
    • Studio time
    • Recording and post-production costs
    • Liner notes/artwork
  • Travel for artistic performances
    • Travel costs for oversized instruments

Projects (monographs, works of art, performances, recordings, etc.) that address topics of themes (e.g., topics related to marginalized groups or emergent academic or artistic perspectives) that are not frequently accommodated in traditional academic and professional venues may be eligible for support. Applicants must address the rationale for alternative venues and a statement of academic/artistic significance in their application.

Application Process

The documentation below will be required for all applications:

  • A 250-word (or less) statement from the faculty member about how the requested activity helps advance their reputation and/or trajectory in their area of excellence (research and creative endeavors).
  • Documentation of Matching Contribution provided by source of 1:1 matching funds with indicated approval by the fund manager.
  • Detailed budget of overall costs with justification for request.
  • Two-page CV emphasizing research and creative contributions

Additional Requirements

For monograph subvention:

  • A copy of the publication contract.
  • Letter from the press on official letterhead indicating a precise dollar (USD) amount and justification for the subvention, indicating what it will be spent on.
  • Note that monograph subventions will be paid directly to the press. An invoice will need to be provided to USU.

Application Deadlines and Review Process

Faculty should apply for the following deadlines:

  • By Feb. 1: For awards to be paid out Feb. 15 – June 30.
  • By May 1: For awards to be paid out July 1 – Jan. 15.

The applications will be reviewed by a panel with equal numbers of faculty representatives from CCA and CHASS, along with one representative from the Office of Research leadership team.

Review Criteria

  • Artistic or Intellectual Merit
  • Prestige of Outcome Venue
  • Departmental Support for Project
  • Potential for Extramural Funding
  • Benefits to the Researcher and USU
  • Prior Publications or Creative Contributions

Apply for Funding