Christian S. Iverson MBA

Technology Transfer Services

Executive Director

Christian S. Iverson

Contact Information

Phone: (435) 797-9620


Christian Iverson is the Technology Transfer Services Director at Utah State University, primarily focusing on commercialization of life science technologies. He earned his undergraduate degrees in biology and business as well as his MBA from Utah State University.

Iverson has 10 years of experience in biotechnology research, development, commercialization and start-up management. Prior to joining Utah State in 2012, he served as Executive Director of Spendlove Medical Research Institute where he managed programs for developing low cost diagnostic tools, improving air quality and teaching the invention process to high school students.

Prior to his work at Spendlove, Iverson was co-founder and Vice President of Business Development for Quansys Biosciences. Before joining the Quansys team, Iverson was a Research and Development project manager at Spendlove. In that role, he led the multiplex development of antibodies for Q-Plex Technology licensed to Quansys Biosciences.

Iverson remains involved with Quansys Biosciences as a member of the Board of Directors.