Brigitte Hugh

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A Guilt-Free Approach to Change, with Environmental Planner Daniella Hirschfeld

Daniella Hirschfeld, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at USU, challenges us to reassess where we should be putting our energy into every-day sustainability.  While she still endeavors to live environmentally consciously, she knows that the changes that will really have an impact and change the tide on climate change will occur at the community and society levels.

Dr. Hirschfeld investigates the ways that communities can prepare and protect against future flooding, droughts, fires, and other climate connected risks. She points out that we have the science to know where future disasters could impact, so we can now be taking the steps at a decision-maker level, to shore up resilience. In this episode, you will learn how Dr. Hirschfeld keeps communities safe from floods, droughts, and the guilt of living in imperfect systems.

And, at the end of the day, she reminds us that personal sustainability matters, but sharing, supporting, and implementing research at a societal level will save us more than anything else.

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