Brigitte Hugh

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The Holy Grail of Water Conservation, with Turfgrass Specialist Dr. Kelly Kopp

If you add it all up, lawn grass is the largest irrigated crop in the country by square footage, and it’s often vilified as a drain on water critical resources, but is there a way for us to have our grass and conserve water at the same time? Dr. Kelly Kopp, a Professor of Extension Water Conservation and Turfgrass Specialist, says yes, we just need to be a little more strategic. 

Dr. Kopp’s specialty is in resource positive landscaping, that is, building landscapes that give more than they take. The surprising news is that resource positive landscaping, also known as xeriscaping (not xeroscaping!), doesn’t preclude lush green grass. Dr. Kopp and the Center for Water Efficient Landscaping are investigating and developing the holy grail of grass hybrids: those that are both verdant green and water conserving. 

Dr. Kelly Kopp will be presenting her research at Xero to Hero: Resource positive landscapes that give more than they take, a Research Landscapes event on March 2, 2021, you can RSVP here.  

The Center for Water Efficient Landscaping is a research and outreach center designed to improve the efficient use of water for landscape irrigation
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