What is Kuali Research?

Kuali Research is USU's research administration system. Kuali provides a modular solution for the entire research lifecycle, including Pre-Award and Post-Award management, Conflict of Interest/Commitment disclosures, and Protocols for human and animal research.

Pre-Award: Kuali Research allows for the preparation of electronic proposals (both new and copied from prior works), routing to obtain internal approvals, and system-to-system submission to sponsors. Additionally, it allows for proposals logs, research tracking and grants.gov submissions.

Post-Award: After receiving a grant, Kuali stores detailed information on awards, sponsors specific terms and conditions, reporting requirements and tracking functionality, as well as required special reviews for the award.  Complementary modules, such as Award Budget, SubAward, and Negotiation can also be utilized for compliance throughout the research administration processing.

Conflict of Interest: Conflict of Interest disclosures are submitted and reviewed within the Kuali COI module. This module has been configured to meet both federal and state requirements of employee disclosure allowing USU to have one place to house all COI related compliance issues. 

IRB Protocols: Human subject research is vital to USU's research portfolio. Kuali protocols provides us with an easy to use system to collect, review, revise and approve this research. 

IACUC Protocols:  Research in which animals are used must be reviewed and approved by an IACUC prior to animal use. Kuali protocols gives us the tools needed to create, review and approve the protocol that will govern that research. 

How does Kuali work?


Decide how you can best use Kuali Research

What you use Kuali for will determine what roles you will need.

Apply for authorization

This can be done by contacting Sponosored Programs or Dan Perry dan.perry@usu.edu who can help determine the access level needed and grant access to Kuali Research.

Access Kuali

To login you will need to know your USU username and password. The application can be accessed at https://usu.kuali.co

Continue learning more about Kuali

Utah State University provides in-depth training regarding Kuali to each department. Contact Dan Perry to arrange training. You can also learn more about Kuali by accessing our Quick Reference Cards or FAQs