Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot locate the sponsor I am proposing to:

When starting a proposal if you are not able to locate the sponsor in the list of sponsors then please add the sponsor code 100531 "add new sponsor" as a place holder. Then please fill out the Kuali form New Sponsor Set Up. You will need to have the official name of the entity, the physical address and what type of sponsor (private, state or federal) they are. Once you receive confirmation the new sponsor has been set up you can then edit and replace the "add new sponsor" with your correct sponsor.

How do I submit a system-to-system proposal on

When doing a submission please contact as soon as possible so we can help with any initial set up you may have.

How do I add a correct key person role for a submission?

When completing an S2S application that uses the R&R Key Person Expanded Form Kuali will pull the information from the “Key Personnel” panel.

The person listed as PI will be pulled into the form as “PD/PI”. Those listed as Co-Investigators will be pulled into the form as “Co-PD/PI”.

For any other Project Role type you will need to choose Key Person and then in the box that pops up “Key Person’s role will be:” type the role. Those listed as Key Person will be pulled into the form as “Other” and then the role that was typed in Key Personnel panel, Key Person, will show up in the Other Project Role Category on the form.

For non-USU personnel who need to be listed as Co-PD/PI on an application:

  1. Contact your SPO officer to have them added to the Address Book.
  2. Add them to Key Personnel as Non Employee – Co-investigator
  3. Add any pertinent information under their details panel that you may need that was not included in the Address Book entry.
  4. Certify for them, as non-USU personnel do not certify
  5. Put a note in the “Notes” section in attachments that the aggregator certified as they are non-USU personnel
  6. Check form to see that they are showing up correctly and that all fields have been addressed.

How do I add a promotion and tenure increase to a faculty member in my proposed budget?

  1. The Faculty member should be added in Key Personnel as either PI or Co-I. This will then add them to the budget Project Personnel. Their Job Code will reflect Faculty (AA001) or Default (AA000). This assignment should reflect their current Base Salary from HR Banner.
  2. To add Promotion and Tenure pay increase, click +Add Personnel (top right of page), search and find the Faculty member again and Add Selected Personnel. This will add the same information for the Faculty member as an additional line.
  3. Click the Details tab on the right hand side next to the line you have added to edit the information.
  4. Choose Job Code TENURE, Job Title will reflect Expected Tenure Increase.
  5. Make Salary Effective Date the date the increase is anticipated. Change Base Salary to anticipated increase.
  6. Assign Personnel to Periods: From Person choose the line that reflects the correct base salary. Choose Object Code and assign Effort.

Any line with base salary can be used at any point in the project period. For example if the Promotion and Tenure will be reached in year four of the project period choose the Faculty (AA001) or Default (AA000) for years 1-3. In year 4 choose the Expected Tenure Increase. If Promotion and Tenure is anticipated in the middle of the budget period, you can pick both Job Codes and reflect effort accordingly. If you have this situation and are having trouble please contact the Kuali Help Desk.

NOTE: If the same person does not have two different Job Codes you may experience miscalculations.

What if I am not getting notifications from Kuali?

  1. First check to make sure that notifications are not showing up in a spam folder such as junk or clutter.
  2. Check your default email address in the Banner online directory. The HR feed that populates Kuali uses this address as the default email address for a users profile so make sure you are checking the email that is listed as your default in Banner for the Kuali notifications.
  3. If you need this changed right away contact Kuali support or your representative in sponsored Programs and they will assist in getting it changed.

I am getting an error when looking at reports in Chrome:

If you are getting a "too many redirects" error when clicking on the reports tab please try the following. 
Clear your cache
  1. On your computer, open Chrome
  2. At the top right, click three dots and select Settings
  3. On the left side select Security and Privacy
  4. Now clear your browsing data 
    1. Clear stored cookies and other site data
  5. Now check Cookies and other site Data
    1. This setting should be either 'Allow all cookies' or 'Block third-party cookies in Incognito'