Kuali Research Quick Start Guide: Reports

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Click the top ‘Reports’ Menu


The ‘Award’ and ‘Proposal’ reports are accessed from the left hand menu.

STEP 3: 

To see a list of awards click on the tab ‘USU Awards’ and then ‘Award Actions Report.’


You will see a list of award details for the previous month.

  • This list can then be filtered to see just the data you need by using the data and date filters on the right.


To see a list of proposals click on ‘USU Proposals’ and then ‘Proposal Report.’


You will be shown a list of proposals for the previous month.

  • The list can be filtered to show the data you need by using the data and date filters on the right.
  • Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the report to slide left and right to see all of the data available in the report
  • The filter line at the bottom of the report will show which filters have been selected.
  • The filter labeled ‘Restrict’ shows the date range for the current report results.


All reports can be exported as an Excel worksheet by clicking the ‘Export’ button at the bottom.


All reports default to the previous month.

  • Click on the date filter and choose a ‘start and end date’ to show data for any date range going back 5 years.


To run reports for research centers or departments that are not the academic department of the PI, use the ‘Individual Unit Report.’

STEP 10: 

To see all awards for one individual, whether they were a PI or a CoI, run the ‘Individual Researcher Report’ and choose the person or persons you want to see from the researcher filter on the right.

STEP 11:

Any report that is labeled as a ‘Dashboard’ will show graphs and graphics giving a quick look into summary data.

Download Guide PDF