Research Council

The Research Council advises the Vice president for Research in all matters pertaining to research and other scholarly or creative activity of the University:

  • In the formulation of policy, including research priorities and procedures for attaining them;
  • In the encouragement and stimulation of research in the context of instructional and other goals of the University;
  • In monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating cross-college research programs in the University; and
  • In recommending to the Vice president for Research the allocation of all funds available for research and related purposes to be expended through the office of the Vice President for Research.

Research Council Membership

The council is chaired by the Vice President for Research. The permanent membership of the Research Council consists of:

  • Vice President for Research
  • Provost
  • Vice Provost or Acting Vice Provost, School of Graduate Studies
  • Director of the Water Research Laboratory
  • Dean of each college of the University or a staff member designated by the Dean to represent research in the respective college
  • Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station

Additional members may be added to the council upon recommendation of the Vice President for Research and approval by the senate.

Research Council Voting Roster





Lisa M. Berreau Vice President for Research, Chair 1180 1450
Frank Galey Provost 1167 1435
Chad Simon (for Doug Anderson) J. M. Huntsman School of Business 7212 3555
Rose Hu (for Jagath Kaluarachchi) College of Engineering 2776 4100
Michelle Baker (for Maura Hagan) Dean, College of Science 8408 0305
Shawn Whiteman (for Jamison Fargo and Beth Foley) E Eccles Jones College of Educ. & Human Services 1469 2800
Eric Reither (for Joseph Ward) Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences 1195 0700
David Tarboton Director, Utah Water Research Laboratory 3188 8200
Matt Omasta (for Rachel Nardo) Caine College of the Arts 3506 4015
Nancy Huntly Director of Ecology Center 2555 5205
Abby Benninghoff (for Ken White) Dean, College of Agriculture & Applied Sciences & Agriculture Experiment Station 2162 4815
Todd Welch (for Bradford Cole) Dean of Libraries 2687 3000
Alex Braegger Faculty Senate Representative 7049 4110
Matthew Wappett Exec. Director, Center for Persons with Disabilities 1981 6800
Chris Luecke Dean, College of Natural Resources 2452 5200

Research Council Agendas

Research Council Minutes