Conflict of Interest (COI) Responsibilities



Every USU employee involved in research is required to complete the Conflict of Interest for Researchers training in ILS and complete a COI disclosure via Kuali. The COI training will be included as part of the university-wide annual compliance training schedule.

A new disclosure is required:

  • When an employee is first hired at USU
  • Within 5 days of a change to the employee’s Significant Financial Interest(s)
  • Every time the employee submits a new proposal through the Sponsored Programs Office


  • Within 365 days of the most recent disclosure submission

**Please note that failure to comply with COI policies may subject offenders to potential sanctions, ranging from a verbal warning to termination of employment.


The DRIC is responsible for collecting, tracking, and maintaining all records associated with Conflicts of Interest related to research at USU.

The DRIC reviews every researcher COI disclosure, determines if a research-related COI or ICOI exists, and makes the final approval decision for all research Management Plans.

The DRIC provides education to faculty, students, and staff and assists other USU offices and committees (including the IRB, SPO, and IACUC) with questions concerning research COIs.