COI Training

All USU researchers must complete Conflict of Interest training annually as part of the annual compliance training cycle. This training provides information on USU's COI policy and procedures as it relates to researchers.

Researchers with funding from the Public Health Service (PHS) or the Department of Energy (DOE) must have completed training prior to starting work on their funded project.

COI Training Currently Unavailable
The updated COI for Researchers training will be available July 1. If you need to complete this training before that date, email

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New CITI Users
  1. Go to the CITI website.
  2. Click “Register” in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Select “Utah State University” as your organizational affiliation.
  4. Continue to step 7 on the CITI website.
  5. Select “Conflict of Interest (COI)”  and go to the next page.
  6. Click “Finalize Registration.”
Users Already Registered in CITI
  1. Go to the CITI website and log in.
  2. Under “Main Menu/My Courses“ scroll down to the bottom.
  3. Under “My Learner Tools for Utah State University”, click "Add a Course".
  4. Select “Conflicts of Interest” and click "Next".
  5. Select “Yes, enroll me in the Conflicts of Interest Course” and click “Next”.
  6. You should now be enrolled.
  7. RIC will be notified when you pass all required course modules.

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