International Shipments

Any individual intending to transmit export-controlled items, technical data or technology outside the U.S. must first contact the Export Compliance Officer, in the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance.

International shipments of items, technology, biological and chemical materials, and software are subject to numerous export and import obligations. University personnel who engage in international shipping are responsible for ensuring compliance with U.S. export compliance laws and regulations.

Shipment of controlled items should be planned well in advance, as it may take several weeks to several months to obtain any necessary license.

The Export Compliance Officer will assist with screening to ensure that the individuals and/or entities to which items are being shipped are eligible to receive those materials, i.e. that they do not appear on “specially designated national” or “banned parties” lists and are not in embargoed locations.

Items being shipped must be properly packaged. Shipment of items controlled under the EAR and ITAR should be clearly marked as controlled with the regulatory information cited.

When importing items into the U.S. it is necessary to work with the vendor and Purchasing Services in order to ensure that all shipping documents are filled out properly and to avoid any additional fees from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Temporary imports may be eligible for license exceptions and be duty free under the condition that proper forms are completed prior to shipping the items.