Additional Resources


How to handle authorship disputes: a guide for new researchers

What constitutes authorship

Predatory Journals

Proposed definition of predatory journal - Predatory journals: no definition, no defense

Tools to evaluate whether a journal or conference is legitimate 

Paper mills - Addressing concerns about systematic manipulation of the publication process

Teaching RCR

A Guidebook for Teaching Selected Responsible Conduct of Research Topics to a Culturally Diverse Trainee Group

Leading a Lab

Lab leadership best practices

Faculty reinforcement of RCR

How to Be a Great Leader in Science

Training program for PIs

Research Integrity Consortia or Programs

Path2Integrity aims to support formal and informal learning methods and contribute to establishing a culture of research integrity

COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics is committed to educating and supporting editors, publishers, universities, research institutes, and all those involved in publication ethics

The Embassy of Good Science provides a place where the community can share experiences and insights, deepening understanding and continuously contribute to the development of good science

VIRT2UE Train the Trainer program is aimed at researchers and educators from different disciplines who want to become trainers in Research Integrity

SOPs4RI (Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity) is a multi-partner project to develop a toolbox to help research organizations and funders cultivate research integrity and reduce detrimental practice