Utah State University is a thriving campus of 24,421 students, 865 faculty and 1,980 full time staff, and every single person is affected by health and safety issues.

Student researchers, facilities and maintenance workers, and faculty and office staff should all be familiar with the rules and regulations that help keep them safe.

This includes everything from handling hazardous chemicals to operating heavy machinery to working in an ergonomic environment. The EH&S Office helps everyone stay safe.

Emergency Response Information is designed to help individual employees, supervisors and emergency responders in the event of an emergency or disaster. Effective emergency response requires comprehensive planning and coordination from all individuals and groups that will be involved. With training and effective information, individuals and emergency response groups can be prepared to handle an emergency situation with skill and confidence.

The EH&S Office, in cooperation with the Chemical Hygiene Committee, are developing an emergency response information book for each building owned, leased, or used by the university. These books contain evacuation information, utility shut-off information, contact information, ventilation information, and the location and type of hazardous materials located in each building.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established in 1972 to protect people’s health and safety while at work. Standards are split into various categories of work, including construction, general industry (e.g. manufacturing and service organizations), and maritime occupations (such as shipbuilding).

Since a state-run OSHA program covers USU, there are additional regulations above and beyond the federal OSHA rules. These regulations may be found at the Utah Labor Commission’s web site. The purpose of all these standards is to provide the minimum requirements for the workplace that will provide a reasonably safe and healthy work environment

The goal of EH&S is to work with USU faculty, students and staff to ensure they have a healthy and safe work environment that allows them to perform their work and do so in compliance with the applicable safety and health regulations.


To preserve life safety and reduce the risk of fire, the use of candles and other open flame devices in Utah State University buildings is prohibited unless specifically approved by the university fire marshal. Such approval must be requested for:

  • Theatrical or other entertaining arts performances.
  • Dining and food service areas.
  • Special religious ceremonies.
  • Educational and research purposes.
  • Other purposes as may appear necessary.

Once specifically approved for use in a laboratory or dining facility, the same or same type of open flame device may be used on multiple occasions without re-approval.

Current USU Vehicle Use Policy